Green technology could lead to massive employment opportunity in Britain

Thousands of jobs could be created in Northern England from new power station project. Yorkshire, England could develop into a global center for the embryonic CCS (carbon capture and storage) industry with the building of a new power station, a green technology project which received millions of pounds in funding from the European Union (EU) and could eventually employ thousands of people in the region. The EU is to support the project by providing £200 million in funds. Called the White Rose Project, the power station will be constructed near…

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MIT study indicates that the U.S. can store a century of carbon dioxide emission in underground aquifers

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Hydrogen Fuel Research

A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have released a new study that suggests the U.S. can store a massive quantity of its CO2 emissions in underground saline aquifers. Carbon capture and storage is a technological pursuit which attempts to prevent the release of harmful emissions generated by fossil-fuel power plants. This method has been gaining popularity in the realms of alternative energy and environmentalism due to its implications in mitigating or halting the progress of climate change. According to the study, the U.S. has the…

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