Dong Energy to abandon coal in favor of renewable energy

renewable energy - Coal

Dong will be moving away from coal in the near future Dong Energy, a Danish energy company, has announced that it will be divesting in coal in the near future. The company has begun to focus intensely on renewable energy and has established itself as the largest wind power producer in Europe. In October of last year, Dong announced that it would withdraw from the oil and gas sectors, showing greater favor for clean power. According to CEO Henrik Poulsen, renewable energy is the future and now is the time…

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Where Does our Energy Come From?

When it comes to matters of energy, people often think that fossil-fuels like coal and oil generate electrical power when burned. This is not the case, but how these fuels are used are not typically well understood by those outside of the energy business. As such, many people do not know what is used to actually generate the electricity that they consume on a daily basis. Fossil-fuels are integral to the generation of electrical power in modern society. While these fuels are losing prominence due to the environmental damage they…

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Wind energy outpacing natural gas in the US

wind energy systems

Wind energy trumps natural gas and coal The U.S. has been showing strong support for natural gas over the past year. The country has been working on tapping into its own natural gas resources in order to break away from foreign sources of energy. Natural gas is not the only thing that has the interest of the country, however, as the government has also been focusing on wind energy. Indeed, the country’s focus on wind energy is so strong that wind generation may outpace natural gas this year. Analysts highlight…

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UN Clean Development Mechanism now supports coal

Hydrogen fule - carbon capture

UN introduces new rules to Clean Development Mechanism The United Nations has been very concerned for the world’s environment in recent years. The organization has been working to take steps to mitigate the potential effects of climate change. Part of the UN’s efforts take the form of carbon credits associated with the Clean Development Mechanism. This mechanism is designed to help countries achieve sustainable development through the use of clean energy and assist countries reduce the amount of emissions they produce. The Clean Development Mechanism is considered a viable way…

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Japan announces abandonment of nuclear power

Japan Hydrogen Fuel

Fukushima disaster has Japan reevaluate use of nuclear power Japan has shown healthy signs of recovery since last year’s disastrous earthquake-tsunami disaster. Economically, the country remains strong and stable. In terms of energy, however, the Japanese government has had to improvise in the wake of the disaster, which triggered a nuclear crisis that threatened to be worse than Chernobyl. The Fukushima disaster, as it is often called, caused the government to take a hard look at its use of nuclear energy. Japan to be nuclear free by 2030 In the…

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