South Korean government teams with private sector to support fuel cell industry

Government initiative aims to highlight the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells in transportation A new government-private sector initiative has been launched in South Korea, which is focused on promoting hydrogen fuel. Several government agencies are involved in the initiative, including the country’s energy and environment ministry. Provincial government bodies are also a part of the initiative, with these governments showing strong support for hydrogen fuel cells in recent years. These organizations will work with the private sector in order to promote the capabilities of fuel cell vehicles and help companies…

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Stationary fuel cells are gaining momentum

Report projects the growth of the global stationary fuel cell market Orbis Research has released a new report that highlights the growth of the global stationary fuel cell market. Fuel cells are becoming more popular and the industry is beginning to experience a promising period of growth. This is most evident in the portable fuel cell section, where the demand for clean energy has spawned more interest in proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, but stationary fuel cells are also gaining momentum. Stationary fuel cell market predicted to reach $14.3…

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Fuel cell industry continues to find success and experience turbulence

Fuel cells are gaining momentum throughout the world, but some companies face serious setbacks The past year has been somewhat successful and turbulent for the global fuel cell industry. Several companies in  the industry have managed to build significant momentum in new markets, introducing fuel cell systems that have won acclaim from businesses and consumers alike. Others have experienced more difficulty in new markets, as is the case with Ballard Power Systems. Earlier this month, the company was forced to pull out of the Chinese market due to a failed…

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Report highlights the progress of the fuel cell industry

New report shows that the fuel cell industry supply chain is improving has added a new report to its database concerning the global and Chinese fuel cell industries. The report suggests that the fuel cell industry is starting to show signs of improvement, after more than two decades of research and development of fuel cell technology. The popularity of these energy systems is growing throughout the world and increasing demand has lead to better manufacturing techniques and a more robust supply chain. Fuel cells are gaining ground in numerous…

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Hydrogen fuel cell developer could reach profitability in the coming years

FuelCell Energy reports promising results over the fiscal year FuelCell Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has released a report regarding the performance of its fiscal year. The report shows that the fourth quarter was the second highest quarter for the company in terms of sales. While the company was $5.5 million in the red at the end of the quarter, growing sales and interest in fuel cells may help FuelCell Energy find profit in the coming year. Profitability continues to be a difficult goal to achieve in…

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Plug Power announces job cuts

Plug Power Cuts Jobs

Plug Power cuts 22 jobs during the holiday season Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it is cutting 22 jobs this holiday season. The company, which boasted of a full-time staff of 120 before the recent cuts, has been struggling to attain commercialization and profitability over the past several years. Each year, the company has made significant progress toward its goals, but profitability continues to be an elusive achievement that eludes many companies within the fuel cell industry. Plug Power reports higher net loss…

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Fuel cell industry growing, according to new report

Stationary Fuel Cells - Study predicts growth

Fuel cell industry sees significant growth in 2011 The fuel cell industry has been gaining momentum over the past two years. Manufacturers are beginning to find success in various markets all over the world and new advances in fuel cell technology have made the energy systems more attractive. 2011 was the most successful year for the fuel cell industry, according to a new report from Fuel Cell Today. The report highlights the significant progress the fuel cell industry has seen in the realm of shipments and finances as well as…

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Global fuel cell industry poised for rapid growth

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Global

Report suggests that fuel cells could play a major role in the world’s energy policies The global fuel cell industry has made significant progress in the past few years. Advances in fuel cell technology continue to make the alternative energy systems more attractive to businesses and consumers around the world. As fuel cells become more advanced, they are gaining the support of governments and those interested in alternative energy. According to a new report from Reportlinker, a provider of market research reports, the fuel cell industry is rapidly approaching the…

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