New hydrogen production plant may help Fukushima recover from its past disasters

Hydrogen Fuel - Satelite Image of Fukushima Plant Damaged on March 16th

New hydrogen project has been launched in the Fukushima Prefecture A new hydrogen production facility is set to be built in Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture. The project is backed by the Japanese government and involves several companies, including Toshiba and Tohoku Electric Power. The government hopes that the new project will help revitalize the earthquake stricken province, which is still struggling to recover from the impact of major quakes, one of which caused a major nuclear disaster. The Japanese government notes that the new production facility will be one of the…

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Fuel cells are helping reinvent Japan’s energy structure

Fuel Cell Infrastructure - city at night in Japan

Japan continues to turn to hydrogen to remake its future Japan is working to reinvent its energy structure. These efforts began in earnest following the devastating 2011 earthquake that struck the Fukushima Prefecture. The quake triggered a serious nuclear crisis, which led the Japanese government to shut down the majority of the country’s nuclear power facilities for a time. Now, Japan is working to embrace renewable energy, particularly hydrogen fuel cells, in order to become more self-sufficient and to combat the potential impact of climate change in the future. Clean…

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New hydrogen fuel production facility to be built in Fukushima, Japan

Hydrogen Fuel Production Facility to be Built in Fukushima, Japan - Mountains in Fukushima

NEDO will be developing a new production facility in the town of Namie One of the world’s largest hydrogen fuel production facilities is set to be built in Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture. The project was announced by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) earlier this month. NEDO intends to develop the project in the town of Namie and will contribute heavily to Fukushima’s quickly growing hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The prefecture recently celebrated the opening of its first hydrogen station in June of this year. Facility will use renewable…

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Toyota to use hydrogen fuel cells to reduce emissions at Kyushu facility

Fuel cells to be installed at Kyushu facility  in the coming months Toyota will be reducing the emissions produced at its Miyata Plant in Kyushu, Japan, and the company plans to use hydrogen to accomplish this endeavor. Recently, wind and solar power have begun being used to generate hydrogen in the Fukushima Prefecture. Toyota believes that this hydrogen holds a great deal of potential in terms of energy generation. The use of hydrogen fuel will allow Toyota to reduce the emissions produced by the Kyushu facility. Hydrogen-powered forklifts will help…

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Fukushima could become a major hydrogen fuel production center for Japan

Japan is looking to make Fukushima a leading power in hydrogen production Japan intends to turn its Fukushima Prefecture into a major hydrogen production center. Fukushima was home to one of the worst nuclear disasters in human history, following the impact of a major earthquake and subsequent tsunami in early 2011. The disaster caused Japan to re-evaluate its support of nuclear power, with the government showing more support for other forms of energy, such as fuel cells. Over the past five years, Fukushima has recovered well from its ordeal and…

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Renewable hydrogen fuel production to begin in Fukushima, Japan

Fukushima and Tokyo to investigate ways to use wind and solar power to produce hydrogen Renewable hydrogen fuel production is about to kick off in Japan. Tokyo and the Fukushima Prefecture have signed an agreement that involves research ways to produce hydrogen through the use of renewable energy. The hydrogen produced through this endeavor will be used to generate electrical power during the 2020 Olympic Games. Hydrogen fuel has become a very important forces for the Japanese government, which is working to rely more heavily on clean energy and distance…

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Ambitious renewable energy project takes root in Japan

Japanese farmers may benefit from new project A new renewable energy project has taken root in the Fukushima Prefecture of Japan. The prefecture has become somewhat notorious due to the impact of a major earthquake and tsunami in early 2011. The disaster sparked a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, which went on to become one of the worst nuclear crises in human history. The renewable energy project aims to resolve the issues spawned by the nuclear disaster by harnessing the power of the sun. Project aims to…

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