Renewable energy space may not be affected by Trump presidency

Renewable Energy News - Donald Trump

The global renewable energy sector may continue to thrive even without support from the US The global renewable energy community has expressed concern over the changing political landscape in the United States. Donald Trump has become the President of the United States and he has vowed to revitalize the coal and oil industries. At the same time, renewable energy may lose some support from the federal government, as incoming federal officials intend to show more support for fossil-fuels and limit environmental regulations in the coming years. Despite this, however, renewable…

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The Politics of Renewable Energy

In the past, clean energy had predominantly been an environmental issue. Environmentalist groups had advocated renewable energy as a way to preserve the world, citing global warming and the hazardous features of fossil-fuels as serious problems that would have to be dealt with sooner or later. As time went on, climate change has began to attract serious attention, especially from governments that are beginning to support clean energy. For these governments, energy has become a matter of politics, and political issues are beginning to direct the future of clean power.…

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Renewable energy may help the world avoid a costly problem

Cost of meeting the world’s energy needs will reach new heights by 2035 Accommodating the world’s energy needs is expected to become a very expensive problem, according to a special report from the International Energy Agency. Energy costs are growing more expensive at a rapid pace and energy consumption is also on the rise. Despite countries taking steps to embrace energy efficiency and cut down on their use of fossil-fuels, the cost of electricity continues to grow and this cost may become unmanageable by some countries in the future. More…

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Renewable energy may be the key to prolonged energy security

Energy ministers gather to discuss issues concerning Europe’s reliance on Russian natural gas Last week, energy ministers representing the G7 countries concluded a special meeting that was held in Rome. The meeting focused on Europe’s reliance on Russia and what impact this ongoing reliance could have from an energy security and stability perspective. Europe currently receives a third of its natural gas from Russia, but political tensions are throwing this energy supply into jeopardy. Finding an alternative source of natural gas, or increasing focus on renewable energy, is becoming a…

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Report: 23% of world’s energy comes from renewable sources

New report highlights growth of renewable energy The U.S. has released a new report concerning the state or renewable energy around the world. The report shows that clean energy has been making strong progress in recent years, with 2012 and 2013 being very prominent in terms of growth and adoption. Several countries have begun taking clean power more seriously for economic and environmental reasons and while large countries may be leading the way in clean power, smaller countries are quickly becoming more attractive markets for energy developers. Solar and wind…

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Renewable energy could be a promising investment opportunity

Analysts shed light on renewable energy opportunities Analysts from Citigroup have released a report highlighting the promising opportunities that exist within the wind and solar energy sectors. The report also sheds light on the issue of cost, which has been a controversial subject when it comes to renewable energy for several years. Renewable energy is notoriously expensive, largely due to the use of new technologies and the need to update infrastructure to accommodate such technologies. Citigroup, however, suggests that global renewable energy capacity could be increased without an additional cost…

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Renewable energy shows strong growth around the world

Renewable Energy Investment

Solar and wind are the fastest growing forms of renewable energy The Worldwatch Institute, an environmental analysis organization, has released the latest results of its Vital Signs Online report. The report tracks the various environmental trends that emerge around the world and also offers insight into the field of renewable energy. This year, the report shows that solar and wind energy have seen strong growth throughout the world in 2012. Globally, the growth that solar and wind energy have seen over the past year has outpaced the growth of other forms of…

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Renewable energy slated for major growth around the world

Renewable energy growth

Renewable energy may soon surpass natural gas and nuclear power The International Energy Agency has released a new report concerning the world’s transition away from fossil-fuels toward renewable energy. The report offers a prediction regarding natural gas and nuclear power and when these two forms of power will be replaced by renewable energy systems. Natural gas is often considered the bridge leading from fossil-fuels to renewable energy, but the growing popularity of renewables is beginning to outpace the interest that many parties have in natural gas. Renewables may soon exceed…

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