Global solar energy capacity to surpass nuclear capacity by end of year

Global Solar Energy Capacity

Report highlights the rapid growth of the solar energy sector The world’s solar energy capacity may soon surpass global nuclear energy capacity, according to a new report from GTM Research. Solar power has been attracting strong support throughout the world in recent years. Several countries have embraced this form of clean energy in order to become environmentally friendly. They have also done so to take advantage of various economic prospects that are offered by new solar energy projects. This is all happening as many countries begin to move away from…

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Global solar energy market set to grow sixfold through 2030

Solar power is showing impressive growth Solar energy is set to grow by a significant margin in the coming years, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency. Many countries have come to embrace solar power. These countries are using the power of the sun to distance themselves from fossil-fuels and become more environmentally friendly. Some of these countries are doing this to combat climate change, but many are embracing solar power in order to take advantage of new economic opportunities. As these opportunities become more attractive, the global solar energy…

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Solar energy may be the world’s primary power source by 2050

IEA predicts that solar power will play a major role in the global energy make up in the coming years Solar energy may be the world’s primary source of electrical power by 2050, according to the International Energy Agency. The organization has released a report that highlights the advance of photovoltaic technology and the growing prominence of concentrated solar power systems, suggesting that solar power will make significant strides in the coming years. Solar power is already receiving a great deal of support throughout the world, and as photovoltaic technology…

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Solar energy booms as shipments continue to grow

Report shows that solar energy continues to expand as photovoltaic module shipment soars NPD Solarbuzz, a research and analysis firm focused on the solar energy sector, has released its latest edition of the “Module Tracker Quarterly” report. The report shows that solar energy has made significant progress this year, especially where the shipment of photovoltaic modules is concerned. Globally, solar energy is becoming a very popular subject. Many countries are turning to the power of the sun for economic benefit while others do so to mitigate the impact that emissions…

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Yingli Solar finds turbulence in growing solar energy market

Yingli Solar Energy Troubles

Solar energy giant Yingli Solar confronted with serious financial troubles Solar energy has been seeing major progress in several markets around the world, but the success that this progress has meant for some companies in the solar energy sector has not been universal; some companies have actually seen turbulence arise from the progress made in the renewable energy industry. Such is the case with Yingli Solar, one of China’s largest producers of solar panels and solar-centric technologies. Yingli Solar has been a major force in the global solar energy industry…

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Solar energy may be on track for grid parity in 2014

Solar Energy

Deutsche Bank predicts grid parity for solar energy in near future The Deutsche Bank, a global banking and financial services firm based in Germany, has released a new analysis of the solar energy market, offering predictions of where the market will be heading in the coming year. Notably, the firm is predicting grid parity for numerous markets in Europe and Asia. Grid parity has been an elusive goal for the solar energy industry for years, but the Deutsche Bank suggests that 2014 may be the time when prices for solar…

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Solar energy makes major progress in 2012

Solar Energy Progress

Global solar energy capacity reaches new milestone Solar energy has gained significant momentum around the world. It has become one of the most popular forms of renewable energy in Europe and has helped many countries in the region find some economic progress amidst financial crisis. China has also seen strong growth from its focus on solar energy, reporting declining emissions and new economic opportunities. The European Photovoltaic Industry Association, an organization devoted to the progress of solar energy, has released a new report concerning the gains solar energy had seen…

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Flexible solar panels coming to the Japanese market

Solar Energy Developer Acquired

Company announces its entry into burgeoning market Global Solar Energy Incorporated, a manufacturer of flexible solar panels, has announced its entry into the Japanese solar energy market. The company believes that its flexible solar panels will be an ideal fit for the country’s efforts to make existing buildings more environmentally friendly. Flexible solar panels are somewhat rare when compared to the traditional photovoltaic models that have dominated much of the solar energy market. These solar panels could be useful, however, as they are capable of harvesting the energy of the…

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World’s largest solar power plant comes online in Saudi Arabia

solar energy system

Solar farm wins approval of Saudi Arabian government The world’s largest solar energy plant has come online in Saudi Arabia this week. The plant, which was built by Millennium Energy, an alternative energy company, is located at the Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University and is nearly twice the size of the previous record holding power plant in Denmark. Saudi Arabia has long been considered a prime location for solar energy because of the country’s ample sunlight and arid environment. The massive solar farm has recently finished a six-month test…

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German solar grows despite cuts in government funding

German Alternative Energy

Will Germany’s solar energy industry survive? Growth may point to yes. Germany’s solar energy industry is showing promising advancement despite recent changes to the government’s energy plans. The Federal Network Agency (FNA) has released information regarding the growth of solar power in the country. Germany has been aggressively pursuing solar power for the past two years. The country has made major strides in promoting alternative energy, especially in the residential sector. Home solar energy became very popular in the country because of the government’s acclaimed feed-in tariffs, through which the…

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Solar power growing rapidly in Japan thanks to feed-in tariffs

Japan Solar Energy

Japan’s solar energy growth Solar energy is gaining momentum around the world, especially in Japan, where the solar market is experiencing a period of rapid growth. Japan has long been interested in alternative energy because of its economic and environmental implications. The country is home to one of the most ambitious and powerful hydrogen energy systems, the ENE-FARM, and has been using geothermal energy for decades. Solar power is not new to the Land of the Rising Sun, but it has been growing in popularity over the past year. The…

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Concentrated solar energy becoming a big hit in China

Solar Energy - Solar Capacity

Last year, China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) estimated that the growth of the country’s solar energy market would grow rapidly throughout 2016. The NDRC is inching closer to its second Annual China Concentrating Solar Power Summit, which will be held at the end of June this year, the speed of this growth is likely to get a great deal of attention. According to recent data from the NDRC, China’s concentrated solar market is expected to reach 1 gigawatt by 2015, and 3 gigawatts by 2020. Concentrated solar power…

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German solar energy sees huge gains throughout 2011, according to report

German Alternative Energy

Germany is making major strides in establishing itself as a leader in alternative energy. This week, the German government released information concerning its solar energy projects of 2011. The information indicates that the country has set a record for solar capacity installed in one month. According to the government, more than 3 gigawatts worth of solar energy systems were installed throughout the country in December of 2011. These new energy systems pushed Germany up to 7,482 megawatts of solar capacity for the entire year. The recent boost in German solar…

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Germany’s Fraunhofer ISE demonstrates the benefits of a solar-powered hydrogen fuel station

Hydrogen Fuel Refueling Station Freiburg Germany

Fraunhofer ISE, an alternative energy company specializing in solar and hydrogen power, has launched the first demonstration of its new hydrogen fueling station in Germany. Germany is becoming a hub for hydrogen fuel infrastructure, boasting of enough fueling stations to rival California in the U.S. The Fraunhofer station is much different from its counterparts, however, as it utilizes solar energy to power its system of hydrogen fuel cells. The demonstration is aimed at promoting hydrogen fuel as an alternative to petroleum and show the prowess of hybrid energy systems. The…

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Americans could be getting solar energy more affordably if they can break away from utilities, according to report

Solar Energy Could Double

The German government is currently restructuring its funding of alternative energy projects, making radical changes that could make it more difficult for new projects to take root in the country. While some are declaring these changes to be the death of the nation’s solar energy market, it could have significant implications for the American solar market. As Germany makes cuts to its solar power subsidies, more attention is being drawn to the cost of energy. A new report from the Institute of Local Self-Reliance (ILSR), an organization working to promote…

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U.S. Army advances its Net Zero program by testing solar power in war zones

Solar Energy - Solar Panel Recycling

Not one to be left out of a surge for new ground, the U.S. Army has announced the next stage of its Net Zero solar energy program. The Army is following in the steps of its counterpart branches of the U.S. military by exploring the uses and applications of alternative energy. While the Air Force and Navy conduct tests with hydrogen power, both the Army and Marine Corps are working to incorporate solar power into their operations. Last year, the Army began issuing backpack solar kits to soldiers in Afghanistan.…

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