Hydrogen powered cars abundant by 2015

Hydrogen powered cars 2015

Consumers will be seeing hydrogen powered cars soon In just a few years, car manufacturers like Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda are set to make cars run on hydrogen fuel cells, otherwise known as FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle), commonplace in the automotive industry. Moving to the mainstream The Asian Pacific region has been long pushing for and developing cars run on fuel cells powered by hydrogen. Despite heavy investments and the popularity of the idea with the public, car manufacturers have yet to successfully commercialize hydrogen-fueled vehicles. There are some…

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Hyundai abandons batteries to focus efforts on incorporating hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle - Hyundai ix35 FCEV

Hyundai has long been an advocate for alternative energy. Until recently, that advocacy has been centered on lithium-ion batteries. Like many in the auto industry, Hyundai had invested heavily into battery power, believing that it would be the future of electric vehicles. Now, however, the Korean car manufacturer has all but abandoned its support of lithium-ion batteries in favor of hydrogen fuel. Hyundai’s transition toward hydrogen may signal that, when it comes to pure-electric cars, the battery is no longer a viable option. The auto industry has been making a…

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Top car manufacturers know that hydrogen is the future

Among the numerous industries making use of hydrogen fuel cells, none are doing so more prolifically than the auto industry. Automakers happen to be the loudest voice in support of hydrogen as well. Many prestigious manufacturers, including Honda, Toyota, and Mercedes, are urging the world’s governments to get involved with the alternative fuel. The U.S. government, in particular, is weary of putting their support behind fuel cells because of how expensive they are to produce, but automakers are saying that, by 2015, fuel cells will be affordable for just about…

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New hydrogen fuel powered Hyundai

With more automobile manufacturers joining the hybrid energy bandwagon, companies are becoming increasingly concerned about breaking away from the pack. Hyundai is the latest to unveil their new model of hydrogen powered vehicle: The Tucson ix FCEV. Only a handful of manufacturers are beginning to churn out hydrogen powered cars, with the majority believing that hybrid is the only commercially viable option to traditional vehicles. Revealed at the 2011 Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Expo in Washington D.C. this week, the Tucson ix FCEV featured a 100kW fuel cell that…

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