GM to purchase wind energy to power seven facilities

Wind Energy - General Motors Building

Automaker announces plans to purchase more wind energy Automaker General Motors has announced that it will be making a large wind energy purchase in the near future. The company will be purchasing electricity from wind farms in Ohio and Illinois. This electricity will be used to provide power to seven manufacturing facilities. These wind farms will contribute to the automaker’s overall use of clean power. With these wind farms, approximately 20% of the company’s energy consumption will be satisfied through the use of renewables. GM is growing more focused on…

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Changes to Illinois legislation could help the wind energy sector thrive

Wind Energy Projects - Wind Turbines in Field

Senator seeks to make small changes to state legislation that may benefit wind energy Making slight changes to the language of a major energy bill could have major implications for the wind energy sector in Illinois. Senator Don Harmon believes this to be the case and filed new legislation that would make the necessary changes to the Future Energy Jobs Bill. The bill was passed in December of 2016 and has been called one of the most important legislation’s focused on energy to come to Illinois in recent years. Senator…

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Wind energy could be a boon for Illinois

Data suggests that expanding wind power in Illinois could have major benefits for the state Homeowners and businesses in Illinois may be able to save money if wind energy continues to grow in the state. The American Wind Energy Association and the Wind Energy Foundation have released data that suggests that wind resources may become a financial boon for many in Illinois. The data also shows that wind energy is gaining more support throughout the U.S., especially when it comes to offshore projects that have high potential for energy production.…

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Legislation in Illinois may power solar energy adoption

New legislation in Illinois could have a major impact on the growth of solar power in the state New legislation in Illinois could have a major impact on the growth of solar energy throughout the state. The legislation requires the Illinois Power Agency to purchase as much as $30 million worth of electricity from primarily solar power sources in the state. The agency was initially formed to purchase renewable energy on behalf of the state’s utilities, existing as a way to provide utilities with more abundant access to clean power.…

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