India’s alternative energy targets raise higher with shorter deadlines

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The second most populated country in the world is giving a much higher priority to green power. India has announced it will be taking its alternative energy targets much more seriously than before. The country has set a more aggressive clean power target. To meet its goal, it will have to reach 175 gigawatts of green energy generation by March 2022. India has been actively working to use solar and wind energy to supply each state’s power demands. Every month until the alternative energy targets are met, the country is…

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India launches new renewable energy initiative

New Renewable Energy Initiative - Green Field

Country intends to reach 200 GW of installed clean power capacity by 2020 The Indian government has announced plans to show more support for renewable energy. The country intends to tender enough clean power projects over the next three years to reach its 200 gigawatt capacity goal by 2020. Initially, India’s plan was to have 175 gigawatts of clean power capacity in place by 2024. Now, however, the country believes that it can surpass this goal by embracing a range of new projects that generate electricity from the sun and…

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Renewable energy developers see promise in India

Energy developers are looking to solve the power deficiency issue in some Indian states Energy developers from around the world are converging on India in order to take advantage of the power deficiency that can be found in many states. Political issues last year saw the formation of a new state in India, called Telangana. The newly form state currently lacks the distributed energy infrastructure it needs to operate effectively, and this has placed pressure on surrounding states. This has created a promising opportunity for developers, however, especially those that…

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Wind energy reaches parity with coal in India

Wind Energy

Wind energy accomplishes major feat Wind energy has reached a major milestone in India. The country has been working to incorporate renewable energy in a more aggressive way over the past few years in an attempt to break away from fossil-fuels. Wind energy has become one of the most favored forms of clean power in India and it has helped promote economic growth in some of the country’s states. Recently, wind energy achieved a major feat that could begin to chip away at the country’s reliance on coal. Wind now…

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Ming Yang Wind Power to enter into Indian wind energy sector

Wind Energy Deal

Ming Yang Wind Power announces plans to develop new wind energy projects in India The economy of India is growing quickly and the country has been investing heavily in alternative energy. India’s interest in alternative energy has caught the attention of China, which is looking into breaking into the country’s burgeoning wind energy sector. Ming Yang Wind Power has announced that it is in the planning phase for new wind energy projects in India. The company is receiving backing from China Development Bank to develop these projects and see them…

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Intelligent Energy looks to break into Indian market

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Intelligent Energy preparing to commercialize hydrogen fuel cells in India Intelligent Energy, a leading producer of hydrogen fuel cells and other clean technologies, is looking to break into the Indian market. India has been showing more interest in alternative energy recently, looking to reduce its impact on the global environment and its reliance on foreign sources of energy. Much of the country’s attention, in terms of alternative energy, is being directed at solar power, but hydrogen fuel is beginning to gain traction with the government. Company teams with Indian Oil…

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Tamil Nadu moves to embrace solar energy

India - Hydrogen Fuel

Tamil Nadu to launch ambitious solar energy initiative India may see its capacity for solar energy spike if the country’s southernmost state, Tamil Nadu, has its way. The state government is looking to develop some 3,000 megawatts of solar energy within its borders by 2015. A new energy policy that is being discussed by state officials would replace all of the hot water heaters that are currently powered by fossil-fuels with ones that derive power from solar energy. This policy would boost the demand for solar energy technology in the…

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India to begin testing viability of new wind energy projects this year

Wind Energy Farm

Center for Wind Energy Technology to launch new study India’s Center for Wind Energy Technology (CWET) has announced that it will be launching a new project that will investigate the potential for wind energy throughout the country. The project will be launched this year and CWET claims that it will provide wind energy companies with access to detailed data concerning investment opportunities. Wind energy is India’s most lucrative alternative energy business currently, and the country has spent a great deal of time supporting the industry and the efforts of companies…

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U.S. and India partner to research biofuel

Biofuel research

Biofuel research and development to take place in India The U.S. Department of Energy has announced that the University of Florida will be working with the Indian government on a new alternative energy project concerning biofuel. The initiative aims to research the uses of biofuel and develop a biofuel production system from non-food crops. The project will span a five-year period and is receiving $125 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy. The project will also examine the use and development of solar energy. This particular aspect of…

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Mahindra & Mahindra announced hydrogen fuel cell research center in India


A new hydrogen fuel vehicle maybe hitting the streets as soon as 2015 Mahindra & Mahindra, one of the largest automakers in India, has announced that it is currently working of developing new hydrogen fuel cells for future models of its vehicles. The company is the latest in the auto industry to adopt hydrogen as a significant focus for future projects. Much of the industry is currently enamored with hydrogen as a fuel because fuel cells offer performance that rivals traditional gasoline engines. Though fuel cells are more expensive to manufacture…

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