Toyota and Mazda team to launch a new company for clean vehicles

Toyota and Mazda team up to form new business

Automakers have come together to form a new company Automakers throughout the world are beginning to invest very heavily in clean vehicles. These companies are finding that working together may be the key to success in the increasingly competitive clean transportation sector. As such, Toyota and Mazda have come together to launch a new company which will be responsible for developing the technology that will be used in future clean vehicles. Desno Corporation, a supplier of automotive technology, has joined the automakers in this endeavor. New company will be responsible…

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Mazda is taking its own approach to clean vehicles

Clean Vehicles - Mazda Car

Automaker intends to avoid battery technology and develop its own type of clean vehicles Several automakers are facing a somewhat challenging future due to the growing importance of clean transportation. Such is the case for Japanese automaker Mazda, which has been somewhat solitary in the market since Ford sold its shares in the company nearly a decade ago. Like other small automakers, Mazda is looking for ways to remain competitive in the transportation market and will have to embrace clean vehicles in order to do so. Instead of investing in…

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Toyota and Mazda may be working together on hydrogen fuel cell technology

Automakers may be expanding their technology partnership, with a focus on fuel cell technology Japanese automakers Toyota and Mazda are currently in negotiations to expand their technology partnership, which could have implications for the hydrogen fuel cells that both companies are interested in. Automakers are becoming more involved in the clean transportation space, looking to comply with new emissions regulations that have proven to be quite strict. In order to comply with these regulations, automakers have been developing fuel cell vehicles, which consume hydrogen fuel and produce no harmful emissions.…

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Mazda retires rotary engine in favor of hydrogen fuel cells

Fuel Cell Technology future

Automaker sets sights on hydrogen fuel cells for the future Famed Japanese automaker Mazda has announced that it is retiring its acclaimed rotary engine. The rotary engine rose to fame in the 1970’s as a powerful alternative to the piston engines that are still popular today. Though Mazda’s rotary era is coming to an end, the automaker believes that it is a sign of the future for the auto industry. As the rotary engine goes into retirement, Mazda has set its sights on hydrogen fuel cells, hoping that they will…

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Mazda unveils plans for hydrogen fuel cells

Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen

Hydrogen continues to find support amongst automakers The auto industry has become enamored by hydrogen fuel cells. Automakers from around the world have adopted the energy system as the power source for many of their new vehicles. Some car manufacturers have proven resilient to the charms of hydrogen fuel cells, while others have been aggressive in their adoption of the technology. As fuel cell technology becomes more advanced, the number of automakers announcing the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles is growing. Japanese automaker Mazda has become the latest company to unveil…

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