St. Louis has new plans for renewable energy and its future

Rnewable Energy Plans - St. Louis, Missouri

City embraces new measure to aggressively adopt renewable energy The City of St. Louis, Missouri, has revealed ambitious plans concerning renewable energy. City officials have approved a measure that would require the city to be completely powered by renewable sources by 2035. The majority of this electricity is expected to come from wind and solar farms. The measure was introduced last month and won unanimous approval by the city’s legislative body. Now, St. Louis officials are tasked with developing a comprehensive renewable energy adoption plan by December 2018. Only 5%…

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Ameren Missouri plans to invest heavily in wind energy

Wind Turbines in Missouri - Wind Energy

Utility will be investing $1 billion in renewable energy generation Ameren Missouri, a leading energy company in Missouri, has announced ambitious plans concerning renewable energy. The company has plans to invest some $1 billion in the development of new clean power capacity. Much of this investment will be committed to wind energy projects. Missouri is already home to many wind projects that have helped contribute to the state’s overall clean power capacity. Ameren Missouri intends to take advantage of the state’s wind resources in order to reduce reliance on fossil-fuels.…

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Missouri’s solar energy market continues to see strong growth

Solar Energy Market - Solar panels on roofs of homes

Solar energy market has had a positive economic and environmental impact on the state Missouri is experiencing the economic and environmental benefits of its growing solar energy market. In recent years, the state has been investing in this form of clean power in an effort to distance itself from fossil-fuels and reduce emissions. In 2015, the solar energy market in Missouri experienced healthy growth, which has continued into 2016. With the state experiencing strong growth in the solar sector, Missouri is likely to show more support for this form of…

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New solar energy system coming to a rest stop in Missouri

Missouri rest stop to be home to promising new project Using a road to harness the power of the sun may seem like science fiction, but a rest stop in Missouri may become the first place in the world to have such a system in operation. The rest stop, which is located along Route 66 in Conway, Missouri, will be home to a new experimental project and is one of several similar projects that are expected to be launched within the coming years throughout the world. The project is being…

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Researchers find new ways to produce pure water and hydrogen fuel

Research teams begin using bacteria to produce water and hydrogen Researchers from Sintef in Norway have developed a way to produce purified water and hydrogen fuel using bacteria in chemical processes. Of note, researchers from the  have also found a way to potentially mass produce hydrogen using similar bacteria to what is being used by the team from Sintef. Both research teams believe that their discoveries could lead to a greater abundance of clean water and hydrogen in the future. Sintef researchers find a way to produce energy from waste…

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Waste to energy plant creates power from hog manure

The largest W2E biogas project is under construction. In Northern Missouri, a huge $80 million waste to energy project is under development by Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) in collaboration with Murphy-Brown of Missouri (MBM), a Smithfield Foods livestock production subsidiary. The team intends to capture and harvest biogas from 88 existing lagoons. The companies claim that this is the biggest waste-to-energy project of its kind and they expect to harvest hundreds of millions of cubic feet of the renewable natural gas each year that will be distributed in the area.…

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Geothermal energy system adopted by Missouri S&T

Old power plant shut down to make way for geothermal power. Since 1945, the Missouri University of Science and Technology campus has received steam energy from a coal and wood chip burning power plant, but the facility was permanently closed on May 21, 2014 and will be replaced by a geothermal energy system. 17 buildings on campus will receive heating and cooling from the system. Missouri S&T’s geothermal power system will be fully operational by the fall of this year and, in addition to providing heat and air conditioning to…

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