New hydrogen fuel appliance coming to Japan

New Hydrogen Fuel Appliacne Coming to Japan

US and Japan team to provide homeowners with one of the world’s first hydrogen fuel appliances The United States Department of Energy and the Japanese New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization have announced a new collaborative effort focused on hydrogen fuel cell technology. The collaboration aims to accelerate research and development efforts, with both organizations sharing the data they have collected concerning fuel cells and their safety. Per the collaboration, the Department of Energy’s Fuel Cell and Technologies Office has rewarded $1 million to SimpleFuel, which will be exporting…

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New hydrogen fuel production facility to be built in Fukushima, Japan

Hydrogen Fuel Production Facility to be Built in Fukushima, Japan - Mountains in Fukushima

NEDO will be developing a new production facility in the town of Namie One of the world’s largest hydrogen fuel production facilities is set to be built in Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture. The project was announced by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) earlier this month. NEDO intends to develop the project in the town of Namie and will contribute heavily to Fukushima’s quickly growing hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The prefecture recently celebrated the opening of its first hydrogen station in June of this year. Facility will use renewable…

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New renewable energy project to take root off the coast of Japan

Toshiba and IHI will be working on a new ocean energy project Japan’s Toshiba and its partner organization IHI have been called upon to participate in a new hydropower project that is taking place off the coast of Japan. The new project aims to exploit the Kuroshio Current, one of the seven major ocean currents in the world. The current travels as quickly as three miles per hour, which makes it a potentially valuable renewable energy resource for Japan. The new project aims to demonstrate a new way to tap…

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Japan is showing more support for hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen may play a large role in Japan’s future Japan is beginning to pave the way for a hydrogen society. This is a society that uses hydrogen as a primary energy source, rather than fossil-fuels or nuclear energy. The Japanese government has been showing more interest in hydrogen fuel in recent years, following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. In the wake of the disaster, many of the country’s nuclear energy systems were shut down. Hydrogen fuel cells were able to pick up the slack, providing electrical power to many parts…

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Hydrogen fuel infrastructure makes some progress in Japan

Japan - Renewable Energy Project

Japan continues showing support for hydrogen fuel Japan has been a strong supporter of hydrogen fuel for some time. The country boasts of one of the largest hydrogen-based energy systems in the world, called the ENE-FARM. While Japan has shown strong support for hydrogen fuel, the country has not considered hydrogen as its most favored form of renewable energy, that honor being issued to solar energy. Nonetheless, hydrogen fuel has garnered significant traction throughout the country for its uses in transportation. As in other countries, however, the growth of hydrogen…

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