Japan is showing more support for hydrogen fuel

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October 14, 2014 0 By Erin Kilgore

Hydrogen may play a large role in Japan’s future

Japan is beginning to pave the way for a hydrogen society. This is a society that uses hydrogen as a primary energy source, rather than fossil-fuels or nuclear energy. The Japanese government has been showing more interest in hydrogen fuel in recent years, following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. In the wake of the disaster, many of the country’s nuclear energy systems were shut down. Hydrogen fuel cells were able to pick up the slack, providing electrical power to many parts of the country and showing that these energy systems could be quite viable.

Government energy policy highlights hydrogen as a powerful energy source

Earlier this year, the Japanese government released a new energy policy that unveiled the country’s plans to reduce its dependence on nuclear energy, with hydrogen serving as a replacement. The policy notes that hydrogen has a low environmental burden and can be used with a high degree of efficiency. It also has the capability for emergency use, as was highlighted following the Fukushima disaster. The government’s energy policy identifies hydrogen as an important energy source for the country.

Government is supporting hydrogen for numerous reasons

Hydrogen Fuel Support - JapanThe New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization’s Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology Group notes that there are four main reasons why the Japanese government is supporting hydrogen fuel. Energy savings and the environmentally friendly nature of hydrogen are two of the reasons. A greater degree of energy security is another reason. Japan currently spend s a great deal of money on importing fuel from other countries for the sake of electrical power. If fuel shipments are delayed or otherwise lost, the Japanese energy structure suffers.

Industrial competitiveness has government show more support for fuel cell companies

Another reason the government is supporting hydrogen fuel has to do with industrial competitiveness. The demand for fuel cells is on the rise and there are relatively few companies that develop these energy systems for the global market. The government has been showing more support for domestic fuel cell companies in order to ensure that the country can play a role in the growing global fuel cell market.