Plug Power aims to improve fuel cell technology

Plug Power Aims to Improve Fuel Cell Technology - Training, Learning, Improvement, business

Company intends to make fuel cells less expensive and more powerful Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cell technology, has been focusing on improving its products and increasing revenues recently. The company aims to develop a fuel cell stack that is two times as powerful as its current offerings and 25% less expensive to manufacture. By improving fuel cell technology, Plug Power believe that it will be able to take advantage of new opportunities in emerging markets as well as those where the demand for hydrogen is growing…

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FedEx launches a new fuel cell vehicle in New York

Fuel Cell Vehicle - Hydrogen Fuel Van - Plug Power -Workhorse - FedEx

New fuel cell vehicle will operate primarily in New York FedEx has begun using a new fuel cell vehicle to make deliveries in North America. This marks a significant milestone in the company’s efforts to make use of environmentally friendly vehicles. FedEx is using a van that has been built by an Ohio-based company called Workhorse Group. The van is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell that was developed by Plug Power, a leading developer of fuel cell systems. The van itself will receive the fuel it uses from a…

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Plug Power deploys new technology for hydrogen fuel station in California

Hydrogen Fuel - California Sign

New technology will help provide hydrogen to consumers with fuel cell vehicles Plug Power, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has deployed its GenFuel technology at a new hybrid fueling station in Apple Valley, California. The new station is designed to provide consumers with the hydrogen fuel they need to power their fuel cell vehicles. The station can store hydrogen in an efficient manner while also being able to produce the fuel on-site. This will help reduce the cost of hydrogen fuel for consumers, which may encourage them to purchase…

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Walmart shows more support for hydrogen fuel cells

Walmart Store - Walmart to throw more support behind hydrogen fuels

Walmart to purchase more hydrogen fuel solutions from Plug Power Massive retailer Walmart will be showing more support for hydrogen fuel cells. The company has commissioned the aid of Plug Power, a leading developer of fuel cell systems. Plug Power will be working to help Walmart establish a distributed hydrogen fuel network for its operations. The hydrogen stations that the retailer will use will power forklifts that are equipped with fuel cells. Walmart already makes use of hydrogen-powered forklifts and the company is interested in adopting more of these vehicles…

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Amazon taps Plug Power to provide more hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Amazon Distribution Center

Amazon takes a 23% share in Plug Power and purchases more hydrogen fuel cells Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that retail giant Amazon will be making major changes to some of its fulfillment centers. In 11 of its fulfillment centers, Amazon plans to replace battery-powered forklifts with those equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. Moreover, Amazon has also secured a 23% share in Plug Power, making Amazon one of the largest shareholders in the company. According to Plug Power, Amazon will be spending approximately $70…

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Loan will help Plug Power deliver more of its hydrogen fuel cells

Plug Power - Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Green Bank provides Plug Power with $25 million loan The New York Green Bank has announced that it will be lending $25 million to Plug Power in order to help the company expand the use of its hydrogen fuel cells in the materials handling space. Several large companies, such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot, have begun to use fuel cells to power their forklift trucks operating at their distribution centers. These energy systems have gained popularity because of their highly efficient nature and their ability to generate electrical power without…

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Plug Power to bring its hydrogen fuel cells to China

Company sees major promise in China Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, is looking to China for new opportunities. The company has a long history in the United States, but it has struggled to find market growth in the country in recent years. China, however, is proving to be a much more attractive and lucrative market for hydrogen fuel cells. Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh has been traveling to China in recent months, meeting with fuel cell and hydrogen partners in many prominent Chinese cities. China’s fuel…

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Plug Power opens new facility to help aid the adoption of hydrogen fuel cells

New facility may be a major benefit for those using hydrogen fuel cells from Plug Power Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells and other hydrogen-based solutions, has launched a new service center in Dayton, Ohio. The new service station is expected to bring several new jobs to the Dayton-metro area. It will also be responsible for bringing innovation to the area as well, especially where hydrogen fuel cells are concerned. The service station will also be a boon to Plug Power’s customers in Ohio, among whom Walmart,…

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Alternative fuels set to dominate the transportation space in the future

Clean fuels are becoming a priority for the United States Alternative fuels are becoming more important in the United States. Beyond the environmental benefits of these fuels, they also boast of potential economic benefits. A new report from suggests that alternative fuels could increase the number of options that are available to drivers. This would increase competition in the fueling sector, which would reduce price volatility. Per, alternative fuels are categorized as biodiesel, ethanol, natural gas, propane, and hydrogen. Report highlights the growing role that alternative fuels are…

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Plug Power teams with HyGear to deliver better production systems for hydrogen fuel cells

New partnership will give Plug Power customers access to efficient hydrogen production technology Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced a new partnership with HyGear, another hydrogen specialist, in order to deliver new hydrogen production technology to clients. Through the partnership, HyGear will be delivering its specialized hydrogen production technology to Plug Power customers. HyGear’s Hy.GEN technology will be used for the endeavor. The company’s Hy.GEN technology has proven itself to be efficient and capable of meeting the hydrogen production needs of those using it. Hy.GEN…

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Plug Power is becoming the largest producer of hydrogen fuel cells

Plug Power is on its way to surpassing Ballard Power Systems The fuel cell industry may be experiencing a shift as Plug Power moves into a commanding position within the global market. In the past, Ballard Power Systems has held the position as the world’s largest developer of fuel cell systems. Now, however, Plug Power is taking over, as the company forms several prominent partnerships with various organizations throughout the world. Plug Power is currently on track to deliver more than 3,600 of its GenDrive fuel cell systems, which is…

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Home Depot’s new distribution center will rely on hydrogen fuel cells

Home Depot to make use of fuel cells developed by Plug Power Home Depot has opened a new distribution warehouse in Ohio and the facility will make use of hydrogen fuel cell technology. The fuel cells will be provided by Plug Power, a leading developer of the technology. Home Depot has been using fuel cells to power its materials handling vehicles for some time, finding that these energy systems are more reliable and efficient than the lead-acid batteries that have powered these vehicles in the past. Fuel cells are ideal…

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Plug Power takes ownership of hydrogen fuel joint venture in Europe

Plug Power to focus more heavily on the European market Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has plans to focus more heavily on the European market. The company has entered into an agreement with Axane SA, a subsidiary of Air Liquide, and will be acquiring an 80% stake in HyPulsion, the joint venture that both Plug Power and Axane has established in 2012. The acquisition, costing some $11.47 million, will make Plug Power the full owner of HyPulsion. HyPulsion to continue providing hydrogen fuel cells to the…

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Hydrogen fuel cell developer finds success in the second quarter

Plug Power has announced its achievements during the second quarter of this year Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has achieved a record revenue quarter in the second quarter of this year. The company believes that it is on track to achieve the financial goals it set for itself in this year. The fuel cell industry has often struggled to find financial gain, largely due to the expensive nature of fuel cells and their limited attractiveness when compared to other forms of renewable…

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Hydrogen fuel cell fleet goes into service for FedEx

New fuel cell vehicles are being put to use at Memphis International Airport A fleet of fuel cell vehicles have been put into service at the Memphis International Airport, a major delivery hub for Federal Express. FedEx will be operating these fuel cell vehicles for a two-year demonstration project. The vehicles will fill a support role, delivering cargo and providing other services at the discretion of FedEx. The project that these vehicles are associated with is being funded by the Department of Energy’s Fuel Cell Technologies Office, as well as…

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Plug Power to deliver more hydrogen fuel cells to Walmart Canada

Plug Power is expanding its relationship with Walmart Canada Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has formed an expansion partnership with Walmart Canada. Through this partnership, Plug Power will deliver 124 of its GenDrive fuel cell systems to Walmart’s distribution center in Balzac, Alberta, Canada. Walmart has been showing significant support for renewable energy in recent years, though fuel cells have received relatively little of this support. Walmart Canada already has fuel cells from Plug Power in service, having added these fuel cells…

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