Solar energy jobs continue to grow in the United States

Solar jobs in New York are thriving, according to Solar Foundation census information The Solar Foundation has released its 2015 census, showing that New York is ranked fourth in the country in terms of solar technology jobs. Nationwide, some 208,859 people work within the solar energy sector. Approximately 8,250 of these people are in New York. According to the Solar Foundation, solar jobs have grown throughout the country by 20% or more three years in a row. This is partly due to the strong support that the solar sector has…

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Solar Energy Jobs Act gains support in Minnesota

Solar Energy Developer Acquired

Minnesota’s ambitious solar energy legislation could be an economic boon In the U.S., Minnesota is looking to establish itself as a leading state in terms of solar energy. The state has been a strong supporter of renewable energy in the past, but has now set its sights on solar energy due to the economic prospects that this form of clean power represents. A new legislation has been introduced in the state, called the Solar Energy Jobs Act. This legislation aims to significantly increase the solar energy capacity of the state,…

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Solar energy in Germany continues to gain momentum

Solar Energy in Germany

Bundenetzagentur reports growth of German solar energy industry The Bundenetzagentur, the German Federal Network Agency responsible for regulating electricity and other services, has announced that Germany has installed nearly 1 gigawatt worth of solar energy in September this year. This brings the country’s total capacity installed in 2012 to 6.22 gigawatts. The agency suggests that this is further evidence of the promising growth the German solar energy industry has been seeing despite troubles in the European market caused by China’s powerful presence  and provision of affordable solar energy technologies. Germany…

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The Solar Foundation details job growth in solar industry

Stationary Fuel Cells - Study predicts growth

The Solar Foundation released third annual National Solar Jobs Census The Solar Foundation, an independent non-profit education and research organization devoted to solar energy, has released the latest edition of its annual National Solar Jobs Census. The annual report highlights the growth solar energy has been making in the U.S., with a focus on job creation. The country has been throwing more support behind solar energy in recent months, hoping to establish a strong foundation for an eventual transition away from fossil-fuels. This support is translating into job growth within…

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Cogenra Solar unveils the largest rooftop solar energy system in the U.S.

Solar Panel Hybrid System

Winery gets a gold star for alternative energy. Cogenra Solar, a developer of hybrid solar energy systems, has unveiled the largest rooftop hybrid solar energy system in the U.S.  The system combines solar and thermal power, a coupling that is gaining a great deal of interest in the alternative energy and technology communities. The system can be found at the Kendall-Jackson winery in Windsor, California. It was meant to augment the existing alternative energy systems of the winery and help it break away from its restraints to fossil-fuels and reduce…

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Concentrating Solar Power Alliance aims to educate U.S. lawmakers on how new solar energy technology works

Solar energy and solar panel

Last week, Abengoa, BrightSource Energy and Torresol Energy, three of the world’s leading solar energy companies, launched the Concentrating Solar Power Alliance (CSPA). The initiative aims to educate U.S. regulators and lawmakers on the benefits of concentrating solar power. Concentrating solar power is a method of increasing the efficiency of the renewable energy and the performance of solar panels and cells. This method utilizes a system of mirrors and lenses that work to magnify the light of the sun, making it more potent, thereby increasing energy production. The use of…

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Germany’s use of solar energy has lowered the cost of power in the country by 40%

A new study from the Fraunhofer Institute, a research firm based in Munich, Germany, shows how effectively Germany has been able to keep energy prices low through the use of alternative energy. Germany is currently one of the world leading authorities in sustainability. The nation has various alternative energy projects from which it is drawing power. These projects include hydrogen and wind power, but the country’s use of solar energy has lead it to the position it is in today. According to the institute’s report, the country’s use of solar…

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