Toyota releases performance specs for new hydrogen fuel vehicle

Toyota has released specifications for the new Mirai Performance specifications for the Toyota Mirai have been released, which may help consumers form an opinion on the forthcoming fuel cell vehicle. Toyota has been promoting the Mirai quite heavily, suggesting that the vehicle would be more efficient than other electric vehicles. The automaker had not released specifications for the vehicle, apart from estimates during its concept phase, until very recently. According to the specifications, the Mirai may be quite similar to other fuel cell vehicles, in terms of performance. Mirai will…

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Toyota unveils its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Toyota has finally revealed its highly anticipated fuel cell vehicle Japanese automaker has revealed the production version of its fuel cell vehicle. Toyota’s fuel cell vehicle has existed as a concept for some time, largely due to the automaker’s initial concerns regarding hydrogen fuel cells. While the company had been interested in fuel cells and their use in transportation in the past, it also had concerns regarding the expensive nature of these energy systems and the lack of a fuel infrastructure capable of supporting these vehicles. Exterior designed with modern…

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Hydrogen Powered Cars Face Uphill Climb

Hydrogen Powered Cars Face Uphill Climb Your next car may be able to park itself, keep you in your own lane, and navigate its way through a traffic jam–which does sound pretty cool–but it likely will not be hydrogen-powered. Yes, the experts agree that the hydrogen-fueled vehicle will not become a major player in the automotive world before the year 2030–at the very earliest. It would seem that automobile manufacturers have another priority–keeping drivers safe–and their focus is on creating the technology necessary to make this happen. And the public…

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Toyota shows off hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Hydrogen fuel vehicle unveiled by Toyota Japanese automaker Toyota has announced that it plans to commercialize its first hydrogen-powered vehicle by 2015. The company has been working to develop a vehicle that runs of hydrogen fuel for some time and is one among many that have been doing so in the auto industry. Toyota recently attended the Tokyo Motor Show, where it unveiled its hydrogen-powered vehicle, called the FCV. The company plans to begin mass producing the FCV in early 2015. FCV boasts of 300 mile range Toyota claims that…

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Toyota releases more news about hydrogen power with details on their future manufacturing plans

Focus on Hydrogen Fuel

Toyota recently announced that it had taken on hydrogen fuel as one of its primary focuses. The Japanese automaker has long been an advocate of electric transportation, showing strong support for battery batter. After showing off its latest concept of its FCV model, Toyota has announced that it is taking a very aggressive stance in regards to hydrogen-powered vehicles. The company has announced that it will be making thousands of fuel cell cars each year for the next ten years. The company believes that the world is moving toward oil-free…

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Toyota embraces hydrogen as one of its primary fuels, plans to release hydrogen-powered vehicles in 2015

Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Car

Japanese automaker Toyota has long been a staunch advocate of hybrid and battery-powered vehicles. The company has remained true to its adherence to hybrids and pure electrics even while most of the auto industry adopted hydrogen with open arms. As its competitors gained acclaimed and a great deal of attention for their use of hydrogen fuel cells, Toyota was left in the dark. Now, however, the automaker has also taken up hydrogen as one of its favored fuels and plans to establish itself as a leader in the changing industry…

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