Advent Technologies to develop automotive industry fuel cell tech

Advent Technologies to develop automotive industry fuel cell tech

November 9, 2020 0 By Erin Kilgore

The primary goal is to help address the significant H2 infrastructure challenge.

Advent Technologies has announced that it is developing new automotive industry fuel cell tech for the purpose of helping to overcome the current challenges in H2 infrastructure.

The company is collaborating with several other organizations in order to achieve its goals.

In the Advent Technologies news release, it stated that it would be working on the automotive industry fuel cell tech with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin), Los Alamos National Labs, the University of New Mexico, and Toyota Motor North America R&D (TMNA R&D). They will collaborate on high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane (HT-PEM) fuel cell technology.

The company identified four main goals for its tech development program. Among the four will be one that will direct the consortium to seek the advancement of HT-PEM fuel cell systems efficiency to reach 70 percent instead of the current 60 percent. This will be a component of an effort to move H2 powered long haul trucks forward.

The current hydrogen infrastructure will be among the top automotive industry fuel cell tech challenges.

In order to address this large challenge, Advent Technologies explained that the consortium will also allow for the direct reformation of a spectrum of different types of fuels to low grade H2 within a vehicle. In this way, it would help to overcome the requirement for expensive hydrogen transportation, storage, compression and decompression technology, and refuelling stations.

Beyond the group’s efforts to advance hydrogen, they will also be seeking to achieve rapid start-up ties by developing fuel cells with exceptional stability. They aim to reach enhanced heat management by removing external demisters and humidifiers.

“We at Advent are committed to bringing HT-PEM technology to the market. Drawing on our leadership team’s decades of experience, we intend to commercialise and scale-up membrane electrode assembly (MEA) production while working closely with Tier-1 manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers,” explained Advent Technologies founder and CEO Dr. Vasilis Gregoriou in the automotive industry fuel cell tech development announcement. “We believe that HT-PEM Automotive industry fuel cell - car technologyrepresents not only a breakthrough for heavy-duty automotive technology but also for aviation, portable, and off-grid power generation.”

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