AFC Energy makes breakthrough with its fuel cells

March 11, 2015 0 By Tami Hood

Company develops new fuel cell cartridge for its modular system operating in Germany

AFC Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has made a significant breakthrough with its new alkaline fuel cell system. The company has designed a 101-cell stack cartridge, which has improved the performance of its fuel cells that are being used by Air Products in Germany. AFC Energy’s fuel cell system is part of the larger Power-Up project, which is meant to demonstrate how alkaline fuel cells can be used to produce electrical power.

Alkaline fuel cells continue to gain attention for their capabilities

Alkaline fuel cells are some of the oldest and most developed fuel cells in the world. These energy systems have been used for various purposes, such as space travel, and have proved to be quite effective at producing electrical power. These fuel cells generate electricity through a redox reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. These are also the least expensive fuel cells to manufacture, making them more attractive to those interested in sustainable energy.

Modular system could prove popular in the commercial market

Fuel Cells Breakthrough - AFC EnergyThe fuel cell system from AFC Energy is meant to showcase the prospects of a modular system, whose parts can be replaced to change the amount of energy it produces. A modular fuel cell would be quite flexible and could attract a great deal of commercial attention. Conventional fuel cells are quite straightforward and do not offer the ability for their users to change their performance capabilities.

AFC Energy continues developing new technology at a rapid pace

According to AFC Energy, it took three months to develop the new 101-cell stack cartridge, which includes the time taken to initially test the cartridge. The new cartridge will provide AFC Energy with a chance to examine the improved capabilities of its fuel cell system. The information that the company collects through this examination could be quite valuable for future development initiatives. This milestone could also help AFC Energy prepare for the commercialization of its new fuel cells, which have been growing in popularity for some time.

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