AFC Energy’s project LASER-CELL goes live with inaugural meeting

AFC Energy’s project LASER-CELL goes live with inaugural meeting

February 27, 2012 0 By Jake Banks

AFC Energy, a leading manufacturer of fuel cells, has announced that the first consortium meeting for the LASER-CELL project occurred last  week.

The project is aimed at developing high-volume production technologies that can be used to hasten the production of hydrogen fuel cells. It will also conduct detailed market analysis and distribute reports at regular intervals. The meeting means that the project is now live and will be working toward its established goal.

Adoption of hydrogen fuel cells has remained low due to the cost associated with their production. Fuel cells are a scarce energy system when compared to other sustainable and fossil-fuel system, which also adds to their overall cost. AFC Energy believes that mass production will open the door to mass adoption, as the cost of fuel cells will drop significantly as more become available.

As part of the project, researchers will be examining the growth of the industry and the effect mass production and new technologies have on the global market.

LASER-CELL is funded by the European Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, an agency established by the European Union to promote hydrogen energy. Many European countries have shown interest in hydrogen fuel, but have shied away from fuel cell technology due to the cost of adoption. If the project is successful, hydrogen may gain the foothold it needs within the European Union to make a significant impact on environmental efforts around the world.

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