Air Products joins nogaholding in taking on the Bahrain hydrogen economy future

Air Products joins nogaholding in taking on the Bahrain hydrogen economy future

December 1, 2020 0 By Alicia Moore

Part of their agreement is to work together to conduct an assessment of the development of this move.

Air Products and nogaholding have signed an agreement, part of which focuses on conducting an assessment of the potential of the Bahrain hydrogen economy of the future.

Nogaholding is the National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) investment and business development arm.

The announcement of the signing was made last week. Their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the project will examine the viability of a Bahrain hydrogen economy. It will look into the possibility of deploying H2 renewable energy as a sustainable transport sector fuel. Moreover, it will also measure its potential as a component of a broader effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide.

Bahrain LNG WLL Chair Mazen Matar represented nagaholding in signing the MoU. Representing Air Products was Imtiaz Mahtab, the company’s president of Middle East, Egypt and Turkey. Following the signing, the announcement made the MoU public in mid-November.

The MoU outlines a number of different components of a Bahrain hydrogen economy to be investigated.

“The studies outlined in the MoU encompass different areas from analysing the potential of hydrogen resources and evaluating other oil recovery possibilities to devising plans of deploying permanent hydrogen refuelling station with an ultimate goal of achieving hydrogen economy,” said Matar while discussing the nature of the agreement.

“Air Products Bahrain WLL is looking forward to collaborating with nogaholding to explore potential development opportunities supporting energy transition within the Kingdom of Bahrain. Air Products Bahrain WLL is committed to the Middle East region and to bringing investment, proven technology, expertise and operational support,” added Mahtab to the statement made by Matar.

The Bahrain hydrogen economy has the potential to completely overhaul the country’s energy plan. It is a type of strategy that a growing number of countries worldwide have been considering for their own futures. Japan is among those that have taken the largest steps toward a future that will Bahrain hydrogen economy - business partnership - skyscrapers - handshakeuse green H2 as a replacement for fossil fuels in many different sectors. Australia and several other countries have been gearing up for leadership in supplying that renewable fuel.

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