Fusion Fuel Spain announces upcoming green hydrogen plants

Fusion Fuel Spain announces upcoming green hydrogen plants

November 24, 2020 1 By Angie Bergenson

The new joint venture firm will both develop and install the facility in the country.

Fusion Fuel Spain, a newly launched joint venture company, has announced that it will be developing and installing green hydrogen plants in the country.

This will involve the use of the cost comparison green hydrogen solution from Fusion Fuel.

Fusion Fuel and EREE Desarrollos Empresariales SL entered into their new partnership to form Fusion Fuel Spain. This new partnership will move forward with the deployment of new micro-electrolyzer technology for the production of green hydrogen. Green H2 is a renewable energy produced and used without the production of greenhouse gasses such as CO2.

The announcement of this partnership and its goals arrived on the heels of Spain’s recently approved Green Hydrogen Strategy. The Spanish Green Hydrogen Strategy provides an outline of 4 GW targets of installed electrolyzer capacity, for the purpose of reducing carbon emissions by 4.6 million tonnes by 2030.

The Fusion Fuel Spain partnership is meant to suit the market in the country believed to be highly promising.

According to Fusion Fuel, the country provides an ideal market environment for the use of its technology. Among the reasons for this include the high average annual solar resource in the region. This makes it possible to power the production of the highly competitive green hydrogen using solar energy.

“We are very excited to kick-off this exciting partnership. We see the Iberian Peninsula as having enormous potential for cost competitive green hydrogen and we believe this joint venture positions us to capitalize on the multitude of emerging commercial opportunities in Spain,” said the Head of Business Development at Fusion Fuel, João Wahnon. “Our aim is to develop a global footprint for Fusion Fuel and we see Spain as a natural first step in that expansion, following our initial foray in Portugal.”

To that statement about Fusion Fuel Spain’s goals, EERE Partner Javier Esteban went on to say that: “We see great potential to meet Spain’s green hydrogen objectives and believe Fusion Fuel Spain - power plant at sunsetFusion Fuel’s technology is perfectly suited to leverage Spain’s excellent solar resource for delivering green hydrogen at a competitive price in the next few years.”