Air Products unveils new hydrogen fuel production system

Air Products unveils new hydrogen fuel production system

July 1, 2013 0 By Stephen Vagus

Need for hydrogen fuel spurs new production system

Air Products, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel production technologies, has unveiled a new addition to its PRISM line of products. The company has taken note of the growing demand for hydrogen fuel as renewable energy becomes more popular. Fuel cells are gaining traction with a variety of organizations and consumers and have quickly established themselves as a valued energy source for the auto industry. As fuel cells become more popular, the need for hydrogen fuel is growing, as is the need for new hydrogen production systems.

New system capable of producing large amounts of hydrogen gas

The new system from Air Products is designed to produce hydrogen fuel on-site. The system is capable of producing as much as 4,500 standard cubic meters of hydrogen every hour and can potentially produce 4.1 million standard cubic feet of hydrogen on a daily basis. Natural gas is used in the hydrogen production process, making the system somewhat more environmentally friendly than other types of hydrogen production technologies.

hydrogen fuelSystem relies on natural gas

Using proprietary technology, the system is able to utilize natural gas and produce hydrogen fuel. Though natural gas does produce emissions, it is less polluting than oil and coal, making it something of an environmentally friendly fossil-fuel. Air Products suggests that the use of natural gas significantly reduces the cost of the hydrogen fuel production process, thereby making PRISM systems more attractive to various parties that have shown interest in renewable forms of energy.

Air Products works to expand the reach of PRISM

Air Products notes that it is making efforts around the world to expand the reach of its PRISM systems. There has been interest from international organizations concerning large-scale PRISM systems. These organizations have a strong interest in the capabilities of hydrogen fuel as an industrial energy source. The company’s PRISM systems may also be a suitable tool to help establish a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure, which would exist to support a new generation of clean vehicles.

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