Alternative energy policies supported by North Carolina voters

May 26, 2014 0 By Angie Bergenson

Alternative Energy Survey

New survey reveals clean energy matters to the citizens in the U.S. state.

A statewide North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) survey, designed to determine where the average election voter stands in regard to energy efficiency policies, discovered that improved energy policies and alternative energy support is a priority for voters in North Carolina.

90% of survey respondents support using solar energy.

In addition to the poll revealing that the vast majority of voters are in favor of solar power, 82% are for onshore wind energy and 88% support the utilization of energy efficient programs. Furthermore, 83% of those who responded to the survey believe that North Carolina elected officials and leaders should be doing more in terms of seeking renewable energy sources to provide businesses and consumers with electricity that is affordable.

Ivan Urlaub, the executive director at NCSEA, commented that this year’s polling is the fourth that the organization has conducted and the results they have received from their polls is continually telling them that North Carolinians believe energy policy is important. Furthermore, voters are paying attention to their increasing energy bills and are looking to state leaders to make some practical changes.

According to NCSEA Director of Government Affairs Betsey McCorkie, “This polling lays a foundation for lawmakers to devise a clean energy future with their voters in mind.” She went on to say that the results prove there is “an appetite to invest in a diverse set of sustainable energy solutions, which serve as the foundation to our economic prosperity – and offer a significant value for businesses and the community.”

The alternative energy industry has experienced a notable job increase.

Based on information from the NCSEA 2013 Clean Energy Industry Census, last year, the clean energy industry had significant employment growth. According to the census, 18,404 full-time equivalent jobs were filled in North Carolina. This is a 20% boost from the previous year. In addition, in terms of taxpayer dollars, from 2007 – 2012, approximately $427 million was saved due to state government energy efficient programs.

The survey, which confirmed North Carolinians have enormous support for alternative energy and affordable electricity, was conducted by the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association via Fallon Research & Communications Inc. NCSEA is based in Raleigh and is a not for profit, non-partisan advocacy organization.

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