Apple wins patent for new fuel cell system

August 11, 2016 1 By Angie Bergenson

Apple may be developing a fuel cell system for mobile devices

Technology giant Apple has been awarded its second patent for a fuel cell system. The patent was awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Apple has been working to develop a new fuel cell system that can be used to charge mobile devices. Fuel cells have long been used for industrial purposes, but these energy systems can generate electricity for a multitude of purposes. Apple believes that a fuel cell system could be quite useful as a way to charge mobile devices, such as the company’s popular iPhone and MacBook.

System will be equipped with a fuel cell stack and a battery

According to the patent awarded to Apple, the fuel cell system would be designed to provide electrical power. It will also be able to charge itself by receiving electricity from a mobile device it is attached to. This is accomplished through the use of a small battery system. The system is designed to make it possible for mobile devices to have enough energy to operate for several days, or perhaps weeks, without the fuel cell needing to be refueled. The system will likely be refueled using small hydrogen canisters. Such solutions have been used with similar systems in the past.

Hydrogen fuel cells continue to gain popularity in many industries

Fuel Cell System - Apple StoreA fuel cell can consume hydrogen o generate electrical power. These energy systems have been used in a variety of industries and have become particularly popular in the transportation sector. Fuel cells have received praise for their ability to efficiently produce electrical power without also producing emissions. These energy systems are also quite durable, though they are quite expensive when compared to more conventional energy systems.

Apple has experience with hydrogen fuel cells

Apple is no stranger to hydrogen fuel cells. The company has been using fuel cells to power one of its primary data centers for some time. The company believes that these energy systems can be used to great effect, especially in its efforts to become more environmentally friendly. Apple intends to continue investing in fuel cell technology in order to distance itself further from fossil-fuels in the future.

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