New project investigates artificial intelligence for sustainable energy integration

New project investigates artificial intelligence for sustainable energy integration

February 19, 2021 1 By John Max

The collaboration includes H2GO Power, EMEC, and Imperial College London for H2 tech.

A new research project has been launched for examining and demonstrating artificial intelligence for sustainable energy. It will integrate the AI tech called HyAI with hydrogen hardware.

The goal is for the AI to make data-driven, intelligent real-time management decisions.

Through artificial intelligence for sustainable energy, the real time decisions have the potential to better optimize renewable power integration into the United Kingdom’s electricity grid. Participating in this collaborative project are the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), H2GO Power, and Imperial College London. They will work together to bring AI software into hydrogen technology.

EMEC will supply the energy data to trail the system from its Orkney hydrogen production plant. This trailing will make it possible for the AI platform to behave as an energy management system, integrating electricity prices with weather data and grid management.

From there, the artificial intelligence for sustainable energy uses predictive optimization algorithms.

The HyAI platform’s AI predictive algorithms optimize the storage system operation through future power cost and user demand predictions. It will be a pilot of the first energy storage unit storing on-demand renewable energy fuel in the form of unpressurized, solid-state-hydrogen, combined with an AI software program.

“This is a natural extension for our unique technology capabilities and ever-growing ambition to demonstrate to the market the importance and place of new technologies to solve pressing problems like hydrogen storage where conventional methodologies have proven problematic,” explained Dr. Enass Abo-Hamed, H2GO Power founder and CEO. “HyAI brings us a step closer to delivering clean and sustainable energy with high degree of control, automation, intelligence and increased profitability for commercial hydrogen projects. This trial demonstrates an innovative solution for the future of green hydrogen and its multiple commercial applications with intelligence.”

From the foundation the collaborators will lay with the artificial intelligence for sustainable energy project, they intend to develop it for facilitating a commercial demonstration of the AI software platform and capability to power hydrogen storage tech. In that light, H2GO and EMEC recently signed Artificial intelligence for sustainable energy - Business - Research - AIa Memorandum of Understanding for the future installation and integration of the AI tech at the Orkney EMEC test site.

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