UK port to undergo green hydrogen hub transformation

UK port to undergo green hydrogen hub transformation

February 19, 2021 0 By Bret Williams

Shoreham Port in West Sussex is slated to receive a massive “game changing” electrolysis plant.

Shoreham Port, UK, is scheduled for a transformation into a green hydrogen hub that could start operations as early as 2024. The intention is to construct a 20MW electrolysis plant at the famous lock gates in the south end of the Port.

The plans for the new plant were recently unveiled by Shoreham Port and H2evolution.

The green hydrogen hub will use the electrolyzer plant to produce clean H2. It will do so by combining the Port’s captive renewable energy sources and green energy from the grid. These will both have certificates guaranteeing renewable origin.

In this way, the new facility has the potential for producing H2 at fuel cell grade for supplying both local and regional fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) operators. This includes FCEV bus operators, HGVs, and even waste collection vehicles. Moreover, as the location is a port, it can also provide clean fuel for vessels and for the forklift trucks and cranes used at the port.

These features make the Port an optimal location for a green hydrogen hub producing clean H2.

“Through the creation of our hydrogen hub, which will supply zero emission green hydrogen, Shoreham Port can form part of the solution to the region’s net-zero challenges,” said Shoreham Port Chief Exec Tom Willis. “As a community organisation we would like to work with everyone to make this new stage of the Port’s growth a success.” He also went on to point out the additional benefits of the plant, saying that: “The new plant will be clean, quiet and create good quality jobs at the Port and within the wider community.”

H2evolution chair Stephen David, shared the excitement of his team regarding the Shoreham Port strategic partnership. He added that this agreement “is an excellent site for the creation of a game-changing green hydrogen facility.”

The hydrogen fuel produced at the plant will be “entirely green, zero carbon fuel,” explained David. According to his data, the use of the H2 produced at the green hydrogen hub will equate to the Green hydrogen hub - Image of Portdecarbonization of 300 buses. Moreover, it will be an adequate supply for powering towns and cities such as Brighton & Hove and Worthing. That will eliminate 100 tonnes of CO2 emissions every day.

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