AsiaWEA forms to support the expansion of wind energy in the Asia-Pacific region

AsiaWEA forms to support the expansion of wind energy in the Asia-Pacific region

December 22, 2016 0 By Stephen Vagus

New organization aims to support wind power in several countries

A new wind energy association has been launched in Asia. Called AsiaWEA, the new organization will support the development of government policies as well as the research and development of both onshore and offshore wind energy systems. The organization is new accepting applications from businesses and agencies interested in clean power, with active membership slated to begin in January of 2017. Members will be accepted to quarterly meetings and seminars and AsiaWEA plans to host the first Asian Wind Energy Conference in October of next year.

AsiaWEA aims to help governments embrace new policies favorable of wind power

The primary focus of AsiaWEA will be energy policy. Combined, the countries within the Asia-Pacific region have access to a great deal of wind resources, both onshore and off. The rate of wind energy development, however, is relatively slow. This is partly due to government policies, which have shown only modest support for clean power in the past. AsiaWEA hopes to help governments better understand the potential benefits of wind energy and encourage countries to embrace this form of clean energy more aggressively.


Asia-Pacific is home to a very promising wind market

According to Windpower Intelligence, a research and data organization, the Asia-pacific region currently has some 181 gigawatts of installed wind capacity. Approximately 80% of this capacity is based in China, with 98% of all capacity being shared between four countries: China, India, Australia, and Japan. These countries have their own energy policies, of course, which have proved quite successful. Elsewhere in the region, however, countries are struggling to support wind energy because of government policies that have made it difficult for new wind projects to take form.

Organizations can help wind energy thrive throughout the world

AsiaWEA may have a significant impact on the Asia-Pacific’s wind energy market. Several other regions have organizations devoted to supporting the expansion of clean power and these organizations have been met with a significant degree of success in some parts of the world. Asia is home to a very attractive market in terms of wind resources, which has led to the need for a renewable energy organization capable of generating support for wind power.

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