Aston Martin takes hydrogen fuel to the Nurburgring

Aston Martin takes hydrogen fuel to the Nurburgring

April 19, 2013 0 By Alicia Moore

Aston Martin Rapide Hydrogen Fuel

Aston Martin sets sights on hydrogen fuel for major auto event

Aston Martin, an acclaimed automaker based in the United Kingdom, is set to debut its hydrogen-powered Rapide S at the Nurburgring 24 Hours event in Germany in May of this year. The Nurburgring is the proverbial Mecca of the auto industry, an expansive track where most of the world’s automakers test their latest vehicles to fine tune their capabilities. Aston Martin will be among the first in its industry to bring a hydrogen-powered vehicle to the track, hoping to show off the capabilities of hydrogen fuel in high-powered transportation.

Rapide S powered by Alset Global technology

The Aston Martin Rapide S is equipped with a hybrid hydrogen-gasoline system that has been developed by Alset Global, an Austrian company that develops advanced technologies for the transportation sector. The system is capable of using hydrogen fuel to power the Rapide S, but it is also designed to make use of conventional gasoline, or a mixture of gas and hydrogen. The system is meant to use the fuel that offers the most power in any given circumstance, seamlessly tapping into gasoline or hydrogen fuel to overcome any challenges it may face.

Hybrid system may overcome challenges normally faced in hydrogen transportation

Alset Global notes that the hybrid system is capable of overcoming the challenges that face most vehicles that rely on hydrogen fuel, particularly that involving infrastructure. Much of the world is lacking a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure, a problem that is likely to derail the future adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles. The hybrid system is not entirely reliant on hydrogen fuel, making it less susceptible to the problems presented by the lack of an infrastructure. The system itself is also very mechanically simple, reducing the maintenance involved in keeping the system functional in the long term.

Event may help add momentum to growth of hydrogen fuel

Aston Martin has made a name for itself in developing high quality, luxury and sports vehicles. The automaker has never before delved into the field of hydrogen fuel, but has been growing increasingly interested in renewable energies that could help produce more environmentally friendly vehicles in the future. The Rapide S is expected to perform well at the Nurburgring event this year, perhaps drawing more attention to the capabilities of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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