Auto industry group works to bring more support to hydrogen fuel infrastructure in California

Auto industry group works to bring more support to hydrogen fuel infrastructure in California

June 10, 2013 Off By Erin Kilgore

Industry group meets with lawmakers to discuss hydrogen fuel infrastructure

The Association of Global Automakers, an international advocacy group comprised of many of the world’s largest automakers, has met with lawmakers in California this week to discuss the importance of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Much of the auto industry has become a strong supporter of hydrogen fuel and its uses in transportation, with most of the world’s major automakers planning to launch hydrogen-powered vehicles in the near future. In order for these vehicles to find any significant level of success, there must be a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure in place that is capable of supporting consumers and next generation vehicles.

California remains attractive market for auto industry

California has long been a favored market for the auto industry and is expected to remain so for the foreseeable future. While consumers have yet to warm to the concept of hydrogen transportation, the auto industry has no plans to abandon its interests in the realm of hydrogen fuel. In order for California to remain a favored market, however, a working hydrogen fuel infrastructure must be established. Lawmakers have been considering legislation to make this possible.

California hydrogen fuelIndustry group supports promising bills

The Association of Global Automakers has been pushing lawmakers to pass two bills; Senate Bill 11 and Assembly Bill 8. These bills are designed to provide more funding to the establishment of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure throughout the country. Automakers have been supporting the expansion of the state’s existing infrastructure, but are unwilling to bear the entirety of the financial burden associated with creating a comprehensive infrastructure for the whole state.

Some doubts concerning hydrogen fuel remain

Lawmakers have, thus far, shown that they are somewhat supportive of hydrogen transportation, but have expressed concerns regarding the costs that are associated with building an expansive infrastructure. Even with a working infrastructure in place, there is no guarantee that hydrogen-powered vehicles will be a success with consumers.

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