Canadian government seeks to make its hydrogen fuel sector take off

Canadian government seeks to make its hydrogen fuel sector take off

September 30, 2020 7 By Angie Bergenson

The country is seeking to become an important player in this form of renewable energy fuel.

Canada is building a strategy to build its hydrogen fuel sector, which the country views as a critical step to combatting climate change.

The country views H2 use as a viable path toward improving air quality while supporting economic growth.

Canada is not alone in its perception of the hydrogen fuel sector. H2 is in the spotlight worldwide as an important renewable energy in a world highly dependent on fossil fuels which produce carbon and other polluting emissions.

The Canadian government has been building a long-term strategy for securing the country’s sector and its position as an important part of the global industry across coming decades. The government has announced that it intends to have a plan ready for public announcement this fall.

Many countries are moving quickly to give support to their hydrogen fuel sector businesses and resources.

Since Canada is already facing fierce competition, it is under a great deal of pressure to carve out its niche and move fast to begin movement in H2.

“Things are happening quickly,” said Seamus O’Regan, Natural Resources Minister. “It looks like trends we saw before the pandemic have accelerated. We want to be ahead of it.”

That said, the hurdles associated with fuel cell use cannot be overlooked, particularly not on this scale. Among the barriers the Canadian government’s plan must overcome include fuel cell technology, economics, transportation requirements, and the vital need to build an infrastructure of refueling stations in order to make H2 use feasible.

Another central challenge has been in the production of green H2. The key is to use renewable electricity – generated through methods such as solar and wind – to power the electrolysis process that splits the oxygen and hydrogen in water.

The Canadian federal government and some of the country’s provincial governments have indicated that they will be committing substantial funding to boosting the hydrogen fuel sector. Quebec and Alberta have already promised funding to build on this renewable energy in their parts of the Hydrogen fuel sector - Canada Parliament Building Ottawacountry. Alberta has been working directly with the federal government for producing the national strategy.

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