Chinese government working on hydrogen fuel cell policies

Chinese government working on hydrogen fuel cell policies

September 10, 2020 0 By Tami Hood

Beijing is planning new packages of regulations to support the use of this renewable energy.

China’s government will soon be rolling out a new package of hydrogen fuel cell policies. The regulations are meant to help provide support to the use of renewable H2 power in the country.

A government official officially announced the upcoming rollout of the new regulations from Beijing.

The primary goal of the new hydrogen fuel cell policies will be to help improve the supply chain and technologies for the industry. This announcement was made last Saturday. It is only the most recent indication of the importance the country is placing on the use of this particular form of renewable energy.

China is currently the largest market in the world for various types of new energy vehicles (NEVs). These include everything from battery electric cars to hybrid electric and H2 powered vehicles. That said, as is the case with every new and rapidly expanding form of technology, the country must have appropriate regulations in place to ensure the safe, reliable and convenient use of this new energy.

New hydrogen fuel cell policies are designed to step beyond what older regulations could provide.

The current Chinese policies for supporting NEV manufacturers offer subsidies on sales. However, the new package of policies will point to assisting companies that have been behind the development of ground breaking and breakthrough technologies. This, according to Chinese senior finance ministry official Song Qiuling when addressing the China Automotive Technology and Research Center in Tianjing over the weekend.

The new supportive package of policies will place the spotlight on developing and manufacturing heavy duty trucks and other types of vehicles for long-distance logistics, explained Song.

Song also went on to state that municipal governments would be encouraged to design their own hydrogen fuel cell policies so that industries would develop locally. In this way, local companies would have the opportunity to establish more mature supply chains. This, in effect, would improve Hydrogen fuel cell policies - cars on road in Shanghai, Chinathe potential for creating a long-term opportunity in the H2 market. The new policies details were not disclosed at the time of this article’s writing.

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