Clean transportation is heating up in China

May 30, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

Clean Transportation - BMW i3 front

BMW to bring its electric vehicle to China in September

BMW has plans to bring its i3 electric vehicle to China beginning in September. China is quickly becoming one of the most attractive markets in the world when it comes to electric vehicles and clean transportation in general. This is partly due to government action regarding climate change and emissions reduction. Many of China’s largest cities are being choked by air pollution and emissions are being linked to serious health problems throughout the country. As such, some cities are instituting new regulations that specifically target the transportation sector in order to cut down on emissions.

BMW to sell 1,000 clean vehicles in China by the end of the year

The German automaker intends to sell its BMW i3 and hybrid i8 in four Chinese cities initially, expecting to sell as much as 1,000 of these vehicles by the end of the year. The i3, which is an all-electric vehicle that has already attracted strong attention from Chinese consumers, will be sold for $72,000, which is less expensive than had been previously estimated by BMW and Chinese officials. BMW notes that there are currently more customers than there is supply of its clean vehicles, but the automaker has plans to increase production of the i3 in the coming years.

28,000 people request to test drive the BMW i3

BMW has received pre-orders for its i3 from Chinese consumers, but the automaker has not yet released information concerning how many people have actually pre-ordered the vehicle. During an auto show held in Beijing last month, however, some 28,000 people requested to test drive the i3. Many Chinese consumers have expressed a great deal of interest in electric vehicles and intend to purchase these vehicles as they become available.

China continues to heavily promote clean transportation

China may soon be one of the most active markets when it comes to clean transportation. The Chinese government is growing increasingly aggressive on matters concerning the environment and renewable energy. As such, it has begun to promote the concept of clean transportation, hoping to spur the adoption of electric vehicles and mitigate the environmental impact on more traditional vehicles.

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