Clean vehicles may begin to influence property developers

Clean vehicles may begin to influence property developers

March 1, 2018 0 By Bret Williams

Property developers may soon need to include charging points in their designs for apartment buildings

Property developers in prominent markets are being urged to include electric chargers in their designs for new apartment buildings. Automakers are leading the call for developers to do so in an effort to ensure that consumers will be able to charge their electric vehicles at home. Property developers are also being urged to create strategies to retrofit existing properties with charging points. Hyundai is one of the companies that is more outspoken in these urgings, believing more charging stations would accelerate the adoption of clean vehicles.

Hyundai is eager to see greater infrastructure support for clean cars

Hyundai believes that consumer excitement for clean vehicles has reached an all-time high. Many people are now willing to embrace electric cars, but modern urban design has yet to accommodate the widespread adoption of such vehicles. According to Hyundai, the only people currently able to make the shift toward clean vehicles are those that can install electric charging points at their own homes. The automaker is eager to see this problem resolved through the development of charging stations in large cities as well as those installed at apartment buildings.

Cities are working to build more charging stations

Many cities throughout the world have begun to invest in developing the infrastructure needed to support clean vehicles. This infrastructure is growing slowly, however. Property developers believe that incorporating charging points into apartment buildings will involve significant planning and could require negotiations with government agencies. Existing regulations may make it challenging for some developers to incorporate charging points into their designs.

Automakers see a promising future for clean vehicles

Most of the world’s leading automakers have already released clean vehicles in many parts of the world. Their efforts to promote these vehicles have been somewhat modest, however, due to lacking infrastructure support. These companies are investing in the development of clean transportation infrastructures in order to meet a growing demand for clean cars from consumers. Automakers believe that there will be enough charging and fueling stations to support the widespread adoption of clean vehicles in the near future.

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