Clean vehicles will not be the only focus for GM

Clean vehicles will not be the only focus for GM

April 19, 2018 0 By Erin Kilgore

GM will continue developing conventional vehicles as new cars gain popularity

General Motors has announced that it will be continue to make investments in conventional powertrains even as it begins to focus more heavily on clean technology and renewable energy. The automaker has made a commitment to develop vehicles that produce no harmful emissions. The problem, however, is that many consumers may not be prepared to fully embrace clean vehicles. As such, GM will continue to develop conventional vehicles powered by gasoline in order to cater to the needs of consumers.

Automakers are being pressured to make zero emissions vehicles

Gas-powered cars have been the standard of transportation for as long as the auto industry has existed. In recent years, automakers have been shifting their focus away from conventional powertrains, embracing new technologies like batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. These technologies allow vehicles to operate in an environmentally friendly manner. Automakers are feeling pressured to develop clean vehicles by governments eager to reduce the production of greenhouse gas emissions. In the future, automakers believe that clean vehicles will replace their older counterparts, but it may take some time for consumers to adopt these cars.

Hydrogen fuel cells may replace old powertrains

Internal-combustion engines may remain the norm for several years as automakers make efforts to reduce the overall price of clean vehicles and expand the infrastructure needed to support them. GM is particularly interested in making hydrogen fuel cells more affordable. These energy systems hold a great deal of promise as they can be used to power vehicles in an efficient manner that does not sacrifice the vehicle’s performance.

GM continues efforts to make clean vehicles more affordable

GM has plans to launch 20 new clean vehicles by 2023. Within the next two years, two of these vehicles will likely reach the market. These particular cars are expected to be powered by battery technology. GM’s future vehicles will likely be powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The company is currently working with Japanese automaker Honda to develop new fuel cell technology that is less costly and more efficient.

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