Companies come together to boost Europe’s wind energy capacity

July 18, 2014 0 By John Max

Wind energy partnership

Gamesa and Areva team to launch new joint venture

Gamesa and Areva, both prominent developers of wind turbines, have announced that they are partnering in order to bring more wind energy capacity to the European market. The two companies have come together to form a joint venture that will serve as a type of testing ground for new wind turbines coming from both of its parent companies. The joint venture will produce electrical power that will be used in various parts of Europe.

Joint venture aims to address market needs for clean electrical power

The new joint venture will be responsible for two energy platforms that each produce 5 megawatts of electrical power. These platforms will be used to address market requests and serve as a foundation for the joint venture. The new company will also work to optimize the wind turbines designed by Areva and Gamesa, using these energy systems to generate electrical power and examine how they do so and how they can be improved. The joint venture will also experiment with new wind turbines being produced by each company. Altogether, the venture is expected to produce some 2.8 gigawatts of electrical power, but this capacity will be increased significantly in the coming years.

New venture will help Gamesa and Areva better understand the European market

Gamesa and Areva have an interest in better serving the European wind energy sector. Both companies already hold a strong position therein, but want to see offshore wind power grow more prominent throughout Europe. In order to accomplish this, they must develop a better understanding of the needs of the market and determine how these needs can be met through offshore wind power. The companies also need better wind turbines that can live up to the expectations that have come to surround offshore wind farms.

Offshore wind energy continues to gain momentum throughout Europe

Offshore wind energy is one of the most popular forms of clean power in Europe currently. Offshore projects are becoming more common seemingly by the day as governments throw their support behind the idea that these projects can help satisfy their energy needs. Offshore wind is currently one of the fastest growing sectors of clean energy in the world.

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