Concept papers for DOE’s H2@Scale due April 8

Concept papers for DOE’s H2@Scale due April 8

April 2, 2019 0 By Bret Williams

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is investing millions to advance hydrogen technology.

In its efforts to advance hydrogen technology across the United States, the DOE announced at the beginning of March that it will be funding up to $31 million to advance its H2@Scale initiative.

The funding opportunity will help the DOE with its energy goals.

This initiative is part of a much larger DOE funding program to support fuel cell and hydrogen projects, which the department announced last August, Hydrogen Fuel News reported.

The focus of H2@Scale is to allow for affordable and reliable large-scale hydrogen generation for use in diverse applications in the United States across multiple sectors. Examples of these applications include transportation, process of building heat, stationary power, industrial sectors, ammonia production, steel manufacturing and so on.

“Hydrogen is an energy carrier that can unite our Nation’s abundant energy resources,” said U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry in a DOE announcement.

“This funding opportunity and the H2@Scale Initiative will help the Department achieve our goals of strengthening energy security, resiliency, and a strong domestic economy.”

The key challenges the H2@Scale initiative faces include reliability, performance of emerging hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and affordability. As such, the Department of Energy is looking for applicants interested in participating in the initiative to submit concept papers.

Applicant concept papers for H2@Scale are due April 8, 2019.

The DOE is seeking applicants who want to take part in the Funding Opportunity Announcement to advance H2@Scale in three specific ways:

• Advanced hydrogen storage and infrastructure R&D ($9 million).
• Innovative concepts for hydrogen production and utilization (up to $12 million)
• H2@Scale Pilot – integrated production, storage, and fueling systems (up to $10 million)

Those who wish to take part have until April 8, 2019 to submit concept papers. However, full applications are not due until May 29, 2019. To apply to this Funding Opportunity Announcement, applicants are required to register and submit application material via the EERE Funding Opportunity Exchange.

H2@Scale Concept - DOE Investment - Piggy BankAnyone who wishes to learn more about application requirements, instructions and further details about the DOE’s H2@Scale initiative can visit the EERE Exchange for additional information.

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