DOE to fund the advancement of hydrogen fuel cell technology for transportation

January 28, 2015 0 By John Max

Agency to invest more than $55 million into better vehicle technology

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced that it will be investing more than $55 million into the development and deployment of new vehicle technology. This investment is meant to support the growth of the clean transportation space, with a specific focus on hydrogen fuel cells and their manufacture. Fuel cells have become quite popular in the auto industry, where they are being used to power new vehicles that produce zero harmful emissions.

Funding may help improve the manufacture of fuel cells and aid in their deployment

The funding from the Department of Energy will be used to improve the manufacture of hydrogen fuel cells and improve the other technologies that clean vehicles use. By improving the manufacture of fuel cells, these energy systems may be made more affordable, which would also make the vehicles that use them less expensive. Improved technology will also make fuel cell vehicles more efficient and attractive to consumers that are interested in clean transportation.

Better vehicle technology may help the US establish itself as a leading clean transportation market

Funding for Hydrogen FuelEnergy Secretary Ernest Moniz notes that the Department of Energy has played a major role in improving clean vehicle technology. He also suggests that better technology has had a major impact on the auto industry as a whole, allowing automakers to produce vehicles that generate fewer emissions and are more environmentally friendly. Projects that are focused on improving clean technology for vehicles are helping make the United States a promising clean transportation market. As these technologies become more available, automakers may be able to produce vehicles that are more aligned with the interests of consumers.

DOE funding will also seek to improve battery technology for vehicles

The funding from the Department of Energy will help improve battery technology as well. While the auto industry has shown strong interest in hydrogen fuel cells, many automakers are still working to develop new battery electric vehicles that are more efficient and capable than those currently available. These vehicles are still somewhat expensive, but advances in battery technology may be able to help solve this problem.