DOE names 5 geothermal energy technologies projects for up to $28M in funding

DOE names 5 geothermal energy technologies projects for up to $28M in funding

August 4, 2020 0 By Alicia Moore

These funds will be designated for promoting the advancement of next gen renewable power tech.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) will be awarding as much as $28 million to five projects focused on geothermal energy technologies. The projects will promote the advancement of next generation renewable power tech.

The projects were selected by a special office at the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

The Geothermal Technologies Office at the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy made the final selection of the projects. Each one aligns with the 2019 GeoVision study’s goals. That study outlines a strategy to gain access to the full potential of geothermal energy technologies as reliable, clean and affordable power sources for American homes and businesses.

Of the projects that were selected for the funding, three were chosen for a total of up to $10.4 million. Those three were chosen under the Geothermal Wells of Opportunity Funding Opportunity Announcement. They also support research and development (R&D) that aligns with the initiative called the Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE). That initiative is meant to support and promote cutting-edge research, tech testing, and drilling for identifying replicable, commercial pathway to enhanced systems for this renewable energy.

Those 3 geothermal energy technologies projects selected for funding include the following.

  1.  Cyrq Energy Inc – This Salt Lake City, Utah-based project will combine a number of innovative simulation technologies to enhance well 16 to 29 permeability at the Churchill County, Nevada-based Patua Geothermal Field so that the plant’s electricity generation will improve.
  2.  Ormat Nevada, Inc – This project is out of Reno, Nevada and is meant to sequentially stimulate three wells at three different Nevada geothermal fields already in operation. This is meant to provide a comparative analysis of similar stimulations in various different geologic environments for boosting production. The three wells in question are the Don A. Campbell well 68-1RD in Mineral County, NV; the Tungsten Mountain Well 24-22 in Churchill County, NV; and the Jersey Valley well 14-34 in Pershing County, NV.
  3. The University of Oklahoma – The last of the three geothermal energy technologies projects is from Norman, Oklahoma. That educational institution will stimulate a number of Geothermal energy technologies - Dollar signs - fundingzones of interest in Inyo County, California’s Coso Geothermal Field, well 73-18RD. It will use innovative packers to boost production through zonal isolation.
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