Nestlé Waters to use 100 percent recycled plastic bottles in 3 more NA brands

Nestlé Waters to use 100 percent recycled plastic bottles in 3 more NA brands

August 5, 2020 0 By Angie Bergenson

Ozarka Spring Water, Zephyrhills Spring Water and Deer Park Spring Water will use the new packaging.

Three more Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA) domestic still water brands in the United States have started working their way toward 100 percent recycled plastic bottles.

The packaging will be both fully recycled as well as being entirely recyclable materials.

The brands transitioning to the 100 percent recycled plastic bottles include Zephyrhills Spring Water, Deer Park Spring Water, and Ozarka Spring Water. As recycled plastics (rPET) continue to be more broadly used across the three brands, almost 60 percent of US homes will have access to at least one of the three regionally distributed products made with the fully recycled materials.

“We have made significant strides on our journey to use more sustainable packaging,” said NWNA vice president and chief sustainability officer David Tulauskas. “Bottles made with other bottles – like these – provide tangible proof that recycling works and the circular economy for plastics is achievable. By using recycled plastic, we are breathing new life into existing materials, reducing the need for new plastic and our carbon footprint, and supporting the 757,000 jobs in recycling and reuse activities in the U.S.”

This move by the three brands will bring their use of recycled plastic bottles to double 2019’s levels.

This change of materials will brig the brands’ use of rPET to 16.5 percent of their domestic portfolio in the United States. It also brings Nestlé Water North America closer to its 25 percent rPET goal across its entire US domestic portfolio by next year. It is also a step toward its 2025 goal for 50 percent rPET.

By speeding up its rPET use for its product packaging, NWNA is transitioning from virgin to recycled plastics and is aiming to form an end-market for sustainable rPET. By using these materials, the aim is to divert them from resulting in landfills as well as oceans and other waterways. Moreover, it can also decrease carbon emissions by 67 percent when compared to using virgin plastics.

Recycled plastic bottles - plastic water bottlesThe 100 percent recycled plastic bottles from the three brands will be easy for consumers to identify because they will be labeled as such on the 20 ounce, 700 milliliter and 1.5 liter bottles.

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