DOE seeks to support new hydrogen fuel projects in the US

June 20, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

Hydrogen Fuel Support

Federal agency is offering $20 million to new projects focused on production and deployment of hydrogen

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced that it is planning to invest $20 million in 10 new research and development projects focused on increasing the production of hydrogen fuel. These projects will also be focused on developing new delivery technologies that are meant to deploy hydrogen in a more efficient manner. Hydrogen fuel production has become a major priority for the Department of Energy because of the agency’s focus on supporting clean transportation. Without effective production and delivery methods in place, fuel cell vehicles may not find the success that they need in the U.S. market.

DOE support could help bolster the US hydrogen infrastructure

The agency is looking to support projects that are especially focused on developing technologies that are able to produce hydrogen in an inexpensive way. These projects are likely to use renewable energy in some way, reducing their overall electrical consumption and amount of emissions they are responsible for. The agency is also looking to support projects focused on efficient deployment technologies. These technologies are need to bolster the country’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure, preparing it for the launch of fuel cell vehicles.

Fuel cells continue to gain momentum in transportation

Hydrogen fuel cells have become quite popular in the transportation field because of their ability to produce large amounts of electrical power without also producing emissions. These energy systems are being used by automakers to develop a new generation of clean vehicles. Most automakers are planning to launch their fuel cell vehicles in the coming years, but are waiting until a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure is in place before they seek widespread commercialization for these vehicles.

DOE is increasing its support of fuel cells and hydrogen

The Department of Energy has been a modest supporter of fuel cells in the past. The agency had considered these energy systems to be fantastical in nature, but this perception has changed recently. The federal agency is not one of the strongest supporters of hydrogen fuel in the U.S. and has helped fuel cells gain more popularity through its support initiatives.

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