Tesla Model S wins another victory for clean transportation

June 20, 2014 0 By Tami Hood

Clean transportation success achieved

Tesla continues to exceed expectations when it comes to its electric vehicles

Tesla Motors has been making headlines recently. The automaker has been decrying the viability of fuel cells in clean transportation, opening up its technology patents to the auto industry, and showcasing how efficient its electric vehicles can be. On that last point, Tesla’s vehicles have certainly been winning acclaim for their performance and efficiency. This is somewhat surprising because conventional electric vehicles have long been criticized due to their inefficiency. Tesla has managed to rebuke this criticism with its own vehicles.

YouTuber shows off the extreme efficiency of his Model S

The question of whether or not Tesla’s vehicles are as efficient as the automaker claims has been a subject of discussion for the past two years. While the automaker has conducted tests that show that its vehicle is, indeed, more efficient in terms of energy consumption than its counterparts, practical experiments with these vehicles are still quite rare. Recently, a YouTuber by the name of KManAuto released a video showing off his Tesla Model S, noting that he has passed a significant milestone that showcases the vehicle’s efficiency.

Model S travels more than 28,000 miles and retains 99% battery capacity

According to the video, KManAuto’s Model S has traveled for more than 28,000 miles and has retained 99% of its battery capacity. The initial operational range for the Model S was 209 miles per battery charge, but this may have been a conservative estimate. KManAuto’s Model S is still up to the challenge of breaking that estimate even after traveling what is essentially the circumference of the Earth.

Other automakers may soon introduce their own highly efficient electric vehicles thanks to Tesla’s patents

Tesla currently offers the most efficient electric vehicles available on the market, but this may not be the case for much longer. The automaker has opened up its technology patents to the rest of the auto industry. Other companies will be able to use these patents in order to develop their own electric vehicles and further bolster the adoption of clean transportation around the world.

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