E.ON makes a strong investment in hydrogen fuel cells

E.ON makes a strong investment in hydrogen fuel cells

June 15, 2013 0 By Tami Hood

E.ON shows more financial support for hydrogen fuel

E.ON, one of the largest energy companies in Europe, has announced its support for Bloom Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells. Bloom Energy, which is based in the U.S., has been attracting a great deal of attention in recent months through its various strategic partnerships and its efforts to expand into new markets. Like other companies of its kind, Bloom Energy has been able to find a great deal of success by taking advantage of the growing popularity of hydrogen fuel cells.

Bloom Energy receives $95 million from E.ON

E.ON has invested approximately $95 million into Bloom Energy in an effort to foster the continued growth of the company and the expansion of its products. Bloom Energy’s Energy Server hydrogen fuel cells have become quite popular among large businesses throughout the U.S. and the company has been considering the prospects of sending these fuel cells overseas to new markets. Thus far, the largest companies that have made use of the Energy Servers have been Apple, Google, eBay, and AT&T.

Europe - hydrogen fuel cells investmentHydrogen fuel cells are becoming more important beyond transportation

While hydrogen fuel cells attract the majority of their attention through their uses in transportation, E.ON is no stranger to fuel cells in any way. The company has a strong interest in renewable energy and has invested in several types of clean technologies in the past. Hydrogen fuel has been one of the major interests of E.ON for some time, especially as its home country, Germany, begins to look for ways to break away from fossil-fuels and nuclear energy. Hydrogen fuel cells have become a major field of interest in this endeavor recently.

Investment could open the door to Europe for Bloom Energy

Bloom Energy has yet to send any of its hydrogen fuel cells overseas, but the investment from E.ON may open the door to the European market. There is a great deal of demand for new energy systems throughout Europe. Much of this demand is coming from aggressive measures being taken by the European Union to cut down on emissions and promote the adoption of renewable energy.

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