Elon Musk calls for popular uprising against fossil-fuels industry

November 8, 2016 1 By John Max

Musk sets his sights on fossil-fuels industry

Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla Motors and CEO of SpaceX, has set his sights on the old fossil-fuels industry. According to Musk, the fossil-fuel industry is the largest industry in the world and it is likely to remain this way without a “popular uprising.” In the future, Musk hopes to see a major shift toward more localized, clean energy systems, specifically solar panels and batteries. Without a popular uprising among consumers and other businesses, however, clean energy is not likely to establish a strong presence in the transportation sector, or any other sector heavily reliant on fossil-fuels.

Fossil-fuels industry holds a great deal of influence over many other sectors

Musk suggests that the fossil-fuels industry has more money and influence than any other sector. Because of this, the industry will likely continue playing a major obstacle for those fighting against carbon emissions. Notably, Musk believes that the world will be unable to reduce emissions by as much as is needed to mitigate climate change. In an attempt to solve this problem, Musk claims that a carbon tax may need to be put in place.

Musk continues is aggressive support of clean energy

Fossil-Fuel Industry - Elon MuskFor several years, Elon Musk has been an aggressive advocate of clean energy, particularly solar power. He has been behind many of the advances made in clean transportation and has helped solar energy establish a much stronger presence in the residential sector. Now, Musk believes that much more must be done in order to dethrone the fossil-fuels industry. A carbon tax could, essentially, lead to a decrease in carbon as a financial incentive would be put in place to support such reductions.

Movie Before the Flood seeks to raise awareness of climate change

Elon Musk was interviewed by Leonardo DiCaprio for the release of the movie “Before the Flood.” The movie, wherein DiCaprio served as host and science journalist, features a range of interviews with scientists, policy makers, and other environmental advocates, highlighting their views of climate change and the growing need to reduce carbon emissions.

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