EnerDel finds success where others have failed

EnerDel finds success where others have failed

September 17, 2012 0 By Bret Williams

EnerDel manages to navigate turbulent lithium-ion battery market

Companies in the lithium-ion battery business are beginning to feel the need to adapt to changing times. Once upon a time, battery makers expected to see exceptional growth due to the growing popularity of electric vehicles and other electronics that made use of lithium-ion batteries. The market fell short of these expectations, however, and now many companies are experiencing financial turmoil in place of the success they had predicted. David Roberts, CEO of EnerDel, a maker of lithium-ion batteries, is well versed in the problems the industry is facing today.

Company emerges from financial troubles to find success

EnerDel was once part of Ener1, also a lithium-ion battery manufacturer, which held a stake in a Norwegian electric vehicle company. The Norwegian company was caught in the midst of its own financial disaster, which spread to its stakeholders and, eventually, caused Ener1 to file for bankruptcy. Roberts believes that part of the failure of Ener1 was its exclusive focus on electric vehicles. As CEO of EnerDel, Roberts is keen to expand the focus of the company and implement multi-segment marketing that is all but non-existent in the industry.

EnerDel finds success where others have failed

EnerDel expands focus beyond electric vehicles

EnerDel, which is based in the U.S., is currently working to acquire commercial accounts throughout the country, with a strong focus on lithium-ion batteries being used for grid storage and medium to heavy-duty vehicles in the materials handling space. The company has already found a moderate amount of success with its new focus. A transit authority in California makes use of the company’s lithium-ion batteries to store electricity generate by hydrogen fuel cells that operate buses in Alameda County. Outside of the U.S., EnerDel batteries are being used by Russian utilities companies and Japanese store owners who rely on the batteries for backup power.

Company expected to continue seeing success as it becomes more accessible

Though EnerDel still has a strong focus on developing lithium-ion batteries for vehicles, the company is expanding its focus to ensure its stability and success. EnerDel has shown that a wider perspective on the global lithium-ion battery market is the key to finding opportunities that lead to growth and progress. The company is expected to continue acquiring accounts throughout the world as it pursues a more inclusive business model.

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