EU issues new guidance for renewable energy projects

EU issues new guidance for renewable energy projects

May 10, 2018 0 By John Max

New documents aim to ensure clean power projects are being developed responsibly

The European Commission has issued new guidance to help European governments during the planning phases of renewable energy projects. The Commission has issued two guidance documents as part of the EU Action plan for nature, people, and the economy. These documents aim to improve biodiversity within the European Union while ensuring that new energy projects can be developed safely and in an affordable manner.

The environmental risks of clean power projects are becoming a concern

Environment, Fisheries, and Maritime Affairs Commissioner Karmenu Vella notes that the Commission’s “objective is to ensure that the EU nature laws deliver for nature, people, and the environment.” Commissioner Vella notes that the guidance documents are meant to provide European governments with practical recommendations concerning renewable energy projects. These recommendations are meant to ensure that these projects would not pose any environmental risks and would not interfere with sites of natural and historical importance.

Governments need to be more aware of the environmental damage some projects could cause

The documents were designed for national authorities and stakeholders in the renewable energy space. They highlight the need to consider the impact new projects could have on habitats throughout Europe. Notably, wind energy projects have been the target of criticism in recent years due to the potential harm they could be causing local habitats. Some environmental groups suggests that large wind turbines could has a detrimental impact on bird populations. Wind turbines at sea could also have a negative impact on life in the ocean.

EU Renewable Energy Projects - EU FlagRenewable energy has been growing at a rapid pace throughout Europe

Renewable energy has been growing quickly throughout Europe, largely due to investments being made by individual governments and the European Union. The region is responsible for a significant increase in the number of clean power jobs that exist throughout the world. The EU is concerned, however, that the not enough consideration is being taken in ensuring that new energy projects are causing damage to the environments they are meant to protect.

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