Fuel cell agreement could bring more efficient hydrogen energy to the Asian Pacific

Fuel cell agreement could bring more efficient hydrogen energy to the Asian Pacific

January 8, 2012 0 By Angie Bergenson

Acta S.p.A., a maker of hydrogen generation systems and fuel cells, has signed an agreement with Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd, a fuel cell manufacturer.

The agreement aims to promote the use of hydrogen fuel throughout the Asian Pacific. Hydrogen has been gaining traction in the region for its uses in transportation and domestic power. There are problems, however, facing the mass adoption of fuel cells and their associated technologies. One of these problems lies in hydrogen generation, but the most obstructive challenge comes from the incompatibility of fuel cells with each other.

Currently, most hydrogen energy systems do not work well with one another. This means that fuel cells coming from different manufacturers cannot be used in tandem or work with certain hydrogen generation systems. This makes it more difficult for countries interested in alternative energy to adopt hydrogen.

As per the agreement, Acta and Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies will develop new fuel cells and generation methods that are designed to be compatible with those coming from other companies.

These new fuel cells may appeal most to countries like China and India, where alternative energy is becoming a formidable force in the realm of energy. The two companies will be working to make fuel cells more efficient and increase the productivity of current hydrogen generation systems. The companies plan on releasing the first of these new fuel cells by the end of 2012.

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