Quantron AG orders 140 fuel cell engines from Ballard

Quantron AG orders 140 fuel cell engines from Ballard

September 22, 2022 2 By John Max

The global electric integrator is working to help accelerate the adoption of H2-powered trucks.

Ballard Power Systems has announced that it has made a minority equity investment into Quantron AG for the purpose of accelerating the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell trucks.

Quantron is a global electric vehicle integrator that has made a considerable H2 engine order.

As a part of the recent €50 million financing round at Quantron, the proceeds of Ballard’s investment into the company will be used for the development of the fuel cell truck platforms. This was established under Joint Development Agreement terms. Ballard is going to be Quantron’s exclusive supplier of fuel cells for those platforms.

Fuel cell - Supplier

As a component of the strategic partnership between the two companies, Quantron has made a commitment to buy 140 FCmoveTM modules for a total of 17 megawatts. The agreement also included an option for the purchase of another 50 units. The current delivery estimate for the modules is in 2023 and 2024.

Quantron’s zero-emission fuel cell electric platforms will integrate into several EU and US vehicles.

Quantron will begin with a focus on Germany’s market. The unveiling for the 44T H2-powered truck is for IAA Transportation 2022.

“We are seeing growing global demand and policy support for zero emission transport as companies strive to reach decarbonization targets. This collaboration accelerates our entry into the European truck market and aims to have Quantron’s initial hydrogen-powered, zero emission trucks on the road in the next 18 months,” said Ballard Power Systems CEO Randy MacEwen.

“Quantron is thrilled to advance our strategic partnership with Ballard. We see compelling mobility use cases where fuel cell engines are the most suitable zero emission solution, given the power and range requirements of the application,” added Quantron AG chair and founder Andreas Haller.

“We want to offer our customers the best solution possible, and our continued collaboration with Ballard allows us to advance our environmentally friendly offerings to meet our customers’ needs, including range, payload, and refueling time, with an increasingly competitive total cost of ownership,” said the CEO of Quantron Michael Perschke in a statement about the fuel cell engine agreement and investment.

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