GenCell develops electric generator based on hydrogen energy technology

GenCell develops electric generator based on hydrogen energy technology

December 16, 2019 0 By Tami Hood

The Israeli startup wants to help solve the problem of relying on diesel fuel for power.

GenCell, an Israeli company, has developed an electric generator that uses hydrogen energy technology to generate clean power in place of using diesel fuel, a fuel that is a major contributor to carbon emissions.

GenCell uses a method that allows them to produce a cheaper product compared to diesel.

The hydrogen energy technology used by GenCell is the same tech that has been used in space travel technology.

Unlike most of today’s generators, which run on diesel fuel, GenCell’s generator runs on hydrogen power. Generators are important and needed for different uses and areas as they typically provide power off grid or in locations where a backup power source is required.

After five years of research and development to maximize affordability and efficiency, GenCell introduced its G5 line of hydrogen gas-powered backup generators in 2016. According to estimates from GenCell CEO Rami Reshef, the running cost of these G5 generators is a third to a half lower than a diesel generator.

Now, the company has a second fuel cell solution called the A5, which produces hydrogen from liquid ammonia. By doing so, it can provide clean, continuous and cost-effective electricity for rural mobile base stations.

The company has already sold several of its G5 hydrogen energy technology generators to 13 countries.

“We have systems running in Europe, Israel, the United States and Southeast Asia, and we’re marketing to Africa and South America,” Reshef said, Israel21c reports.

Reshef noted that GenCell typically targets the telecom industry, such as base stations and cell towers, as well as utilities’ substations with their generators. That being said, the company has also supplied its G5 generators to many other sectors, including homeland security and hospitals.

For instance, the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera recently installed a GenCell G5 to make sure that there would not be an interruption in power to the cardiac catheterization unit. The center also opted for the power system to lower its dependence on diesel backup generators.

As for the A5 generator that uses ammonia-based hydrogen energy technology, it is presently in hydrogen energy technology - light bulb - nature - waterbeta testing for use in approximately 1.2 million off-grid and poor-grid telecom towers around the globe.

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