General Electric to bring turbines to wind energy system in Scotland

July 14, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

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GE chosen by SSE Renewables to provides innovative wind turbines for wind farm in Scotland

General Electric has been selected by SSE Renewables, one of the largest energy producers in the United Kingdom, to supply wind turbines to a wind farm in Scotland. Wind power has been growing at a rapid pace in the United Kingdom, where government support for this form of clean energy has reached new heights. The country has been investing quite heavily in wind power and has introduced several policies that make it one of the most attractive wind markets in the world.

94 MW of wind turbines to be delivered to the Dunmaglass Wind Farm

General Electric will supply some 94 megawatts of wind turbines to the Dunmaglass Wind Farm in Scotland. This capacity will come from 33 wind turbines that will be delivered to SSE Renewables in the coming months. Each turbine complies with the standards of the local planning authority that is associated with the wind farm.

Wind energy continues to gain momentum throughout the UK

The wind farm is expected to help the Scottish government meet its renewable energy goals within the coming years. Scotland aims to generate 50% of its electrical power from renewable sources by 2015, with 100% of this energy coming from renewable sources by 2020. Wind energy is currently one of the most heavily supported forms of power in Scotland, especially when it comes to offshore endeavors. Scotland is home to some of the most ambitious offshore wind farms in the world, and these energy systems are having a major impact on how the United Kingdom gets its electrical power.

GE is playing a major role in the growth of wind power

General Electric is currently involved in wind energy projects throughout the world. The company has built some of the most in demand wind turbines for the wind power sector. These turbines are somewhat more efficient than their more conventional counterparts, helping wind projects become more attractive as primary energy systems. Energy efficiency is a major issue in the renewable energy space due to the fact that many clean technology are not considered efficient.

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