Untouched land in Scotland boasts of 1 GW of wind energy potential

June 6, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

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Study highlights the potential energy benefits of land that has not seen any energy development

Wind energy projects may soon receive approval to take root on Scottish land that had previously been exempt from development. Scotland is already considered a powerful force in the wind sector, but the country has land resources that have remained untapped by wind farms. A new study from RenewableUK suggests that this land could be quite valuable in terms of energy production capacity. Given Scotland’s strong interest in clean energy and sustainability, the government may opt to make land more available to new energy projects.

Over 1 GW of wind power capacity could be tapped if land is opened up to energy developers

According to the study, just over 1 gigawatt of energy potential can be harnessed from Scottish land that has not yet become home to renewable energy projects. This land had been set apart by the Scottish government, which prohibited the development of energy projects in certain parts of the country. RenewableUK believes that the study will help persuade the government to alleviate its restrictions and allow innovative wind energy projects to take root on new land.

UK continues to focus on the development of its wind power resources

Much of the United Kingdom has become infatuated with wind power. The country is currently considered one of the leading forces in the global wind market, especially when it comes to the actual construction of wind farms. The country has invested much of its efforts into the development of its offshore wind farms. Some of the country’s most ambitious wind energy projects are taking place in and around Scotland.

Scotland aims to be completely energy sustainable by 2025

Scotland intends to derive all of its electrical power from renewable sources by 2025. Allowing new wind farms to be built on land that had previously not been available to energy developers could help the country achieve this goal more quickly. There are some environmental concerns regarding the construction of new projects, however, as these projects could affect the ecology of the land in which they are meant to call home.

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